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Watch Water

Watch Water (S) Pte Ltd
Watch Water (S) Pte Ltd
Watch Water (S) Pte Ltd

Watch Water (S) Pte Ltd


Managing Environmental Impact

Watch Water (S) Pte Ltd is a Singapore water treatment company which established since 2015. Our founders are Ms Ivy Heng (who has more than 20 years of experiences in Sales and Marketing) and Mr Kelvin Chen (who has more than 20 years of experiences in water industry, waste water management and ion exchange resins technology).


Watch Water GmbH is a leading German water treatment company founded by Mr Deepak Chopra since 1985. It is one of the fastest growing water treatment company in water industry and is also recognized as one of the market Leader for its Innovative Technology in water and waste water treatment industry. Watch Water (S) Pte Ltd is the only trusted partner of Watch Water GmbH for the whole Asia market. 


Watch Water (S) Pte Ltd is passionate and dedicated about improving water conditions to save the environment. Our vision is to bring a revolutionary change to preserve a healthy Earth. We are committed to enhance drinking water to healthy water, polluted water to recycled water to benefit everyone and the environment, using German Leading Technology to create a sustainable environment for all generations.


Watch Water (S) Pte Ltd





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25 International Business Park
#01-26/29 German Centre
Singapore 609916

The Founder - Ivy Heng

Ivy Heng

The Founder

Watch Water (S) Pte Ltd

Regardless of a big leap or a small step forward, to contribute towards the improvement of mankind.

Watch Water (S) Pte Ltd

The Founder

Watch Water (S) Pte Ltd

Ivy Heng is the Founder and CEO of Watch Water (S) Pte Ltd, a Singapore water treatment company that is dedicated to bring a revolutionary change to preserve a healthy Earth. 


Before devoting her work fulltime to Watch Water (S) Pte Ltd, Ivy Heng had an early retirement at the age of 40 and during her retirement she was working part time at Nefful Singapore Holdings Pte Ltd, a negative ion clothing MLM company where she had earned herself the position of Area General Manager. Through Nefful, Ivy has helped countless family to have a better health and a better life in and outside of Singapore.


Ivy was also a successful fashion retail shop business owner. She had a total of 6 fashion retail shops under her own brand where she personally managed and designed all its product. As a successful business owner, she had a dream to be able to had an early retirement, she sold all her retails shop at the age of 40 to fulfil her dream.


Ivy’s first job was with Ossia International Limited where she started off as a salesman whereby through her own hard work, she had earned herself a Sales & Marketing Manager position and had earn her first million dollar at the young age of 24. After having a successful career in this company, she decided to come out from her comfort zone and started to do fashion business.


Ivy Heng has found a new big mission during her retirement. With her big heart and mind she has dedicated herself to help mankind and the environment by taking care of the drinking water and dirty water to become Safe and Healthy water. And its because of this mindset she has established Watch Water (S) Pte Ltd.

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