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About the Company:


Nabcore Pte Ltd do good by aligning our technology solutions, applications, business goals and contributions toward addressing social and economic issues caused by counterfeiting related problems.


We work to provide smart solutions so that every physical product has a digital identity. Our focus is to give meaningful brand protection and tracking solutions using interlocking physical and digital technologies.


Our aim is to empower consumers to authenticate genuine products fast. We seek to provide solutions that attract consumers’ attention and easy for even elderly or people who are not technologically savvy to verify. We help brand owners to prevent loss revenue from counterfeiting, track distribution channels and engage better with consumers with genuine products.


Nabcore Pte Ltd





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50 Raffles Place, Singapore Land Tower, 19-02, Singapore 048623

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"To propel others forward on what is possible so that together we can be better."

About the

Director - Guankai Ng

Guankai (GK) is concerned about issues of counterfeited products after the 2008 fake milk powder incidents that caused death of babies in China. Consumers need to have a great way to verify products they purchased and consumed.


The ability to prevent loss revenue from fake products are lacking for many brands. Large brands may have the resources and knowledge to tackle the issues but smaller companies often do not. It is something that can be done much better.


GK sees how counterfeiting had caused harms to consumers and unfariness to business operations. That is why he does the work of brand protection. He values equal opportunities and level playing field for all companies.


As a solutions architect, he is passionate to analyse and solve the issues caused by fakes using suitable technologies and strategies. He hopes to be able to build a better world with every person and company he works with.

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