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About the Company:


World Paradise Farm is a venture set up to lobby for investors to contribute collective effort to support development of state of the art Decoupled Urban Smart RAS Aquaponics Farming technology and technique to :


  1. Support SG 3030 mission
  2. Enhance food security, bio & food safety
  3. Emphasize on agri-food quality for nutritional health
  4. Deploy state of the art agri-smart-tech & technique to achieve high density & high yield farming
  5. Partner with consumer to reduce agri-food waste
  6. Reduce carbon footprint caused by agri-food logistics and transportation
  7. Mitigate climate change, global warming with leafy greens as carbon sink
  8. Drive scalable post Covid-19 economy
  9. Create new employment & training opportunities

Establish in May 2021, World Paradise Farm is a JV between Paradise Eco-Smart Farm Pte Ltd and World Food Chain Pte Ltd. Currently the company Board of Directors consists of the founders of both the companies, i.e. Sunny Chin and Jeremy Goh. The Board resolve to appoint an independent director later after a predefined quantity of shares is aquired by its investor(s). Sunny is appointed as the CEO of the company.


WPF has gone through technical due diligence by Singapore Food Agency in early May 2021. A termsheet for the first seed investor worth SGD2Mil was signed in late June 2021 and the company is now worth $20Mil. WPF is currently at the stage of round 2 fund raising. The first farm with approximately 132,000sqft is due for vacant possession by Oct 2021. Construction of farm is due to be complete by December 2021 ready for commercialized operation in January 2022. The farm is expected to produce 260 metric ton of food fish and near 1,300 metric ton leafy vegetables in the first year.



Level 30 Six Battery Road, Singapore 049909

| +65 6610 6800 | | |


World Paradise Farm Pte Ltd









Level 30 Six Battery Road, Singapore 049909

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"Use technology to nurture and conserve the environment and let the sons of this planet earth enjoy the harvest from the earth again."

About the

CEO - Sunny Chin

Sunny Chin started World Paradise Farm Pte Ltd (aka WPF) in May 2021 amidst the Covid-19 pandemic to ensure food security and safety for Singapore.


WPF is a joint venture between Paradise Eco-Smart Farm Pte Ltd and World Food Chain Pte Ltd helmed by Jeremy Goh. Prior to the venture, Sunny has been living and running his environment mitigating business in the Philippines for more than 7 years with the last 3 year actively persuing land base development. Apart from eco-toursim development to demonstrate sustaianble off grid living with circular economy, Sunny aspires to build retirement villas in his eco-resort especially for the Singaporean who decided to choose a different lifestyle in their golden age. It was during his this period Sunny met many farmers and the peasants. He spends much of his time living among the Filipino. In early 2019, after much persuation from his Filipino business partner, Sunny decided to venture into eco and sustainable farming with a focus in transforming the community base farming. Prior to his venture, he has been actively spearheading waste to enegy and wastet to use development in the Northern Luzon and Cebu.


Sunny graduated from NUS/NTI with a degree in Mechanical & Production Engineering specialised in process control and automation in 1987. The was also the the inaugural batch of EDB trained automation engineer under the EDB AEDP (Automation Engineering Development Program). He served as process automation engineer and project manager for the Matshushita Refrigeration Industry, Carnaudmetalbox, Crown Cork and Seal in the first 10 years of his career before he decided to turn himself into a serial entreprenuer. His career with the MNC in manufacturing provided him amber of opprtunity working in the Asian region which became the platform for Sunny to springboard into into his next phase of career.


Prior to the Paradise Group of companies, Sunny set up environment engineering trading company in the late 90s and he has been active in delivery waste ater treatment solution to many Japanese MNCs such as NEC, Matsushita, Asahi Glass, Sony etc.and semi-conductor industriay in Singapore and Malaysia. In mid 2010s he rode on the wave of autonomous robots and started RobotLabs where he developed autonmous mobile service robots for the F&B, retail and service sectors.


Sunny has been active in the industrial trade associations in the 1990s and early 2010s such as SIAA (Singapore Industrial Automation Association) and SHTA (Singapore High Technology Association) as the Vice President and President respectively. Sunny has been instrumental in setting industrial safety standard and guideline for robotics application in the manufacuring environment back in the 1990s. While he was the president of the SHTA in 2010s, he was actively promoting trade missions for renewable and clean energy, EVs, and solid waste management and environmental technology to many countries including China, Japan and India. He worked closely with ESG (then known as International Enterprise Singapore) and National Environment Agency (NEA) to achieve the mission objectives for the Singapore industry.


Sunny was also an active grassroot leader in the North East CDC in the 2000s and served as a volunteer in the community. He was invited to speak in many international conference and events.

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