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About the Company:

Core Invest Institute aspires to be a vital community to provide essential investment and financial education using analytic tools and proven investment strategies to equip current and future-ready investors.


Our singular focus on talent will be the cornerstone of a truly great global financial institution that is dedicated to quality education to enable our community to learn, practice, invest and maximize their returns.


We believe in simplifying the teaching of step-by-step intensive yet comprehensive practical concepts and strategies, which our community can invest …. smart and safe in the stock and option markets.


Our Holistic Approach


Education (Core Invest Institute)

We provide affordable investment and coaching programs to both individual and corporate clients to equip them with the investment know-how to be future-ready investors

Community (Corehub)

We provide lifelong learning opportunities for our Core’s community to new investment knowledge and skills through online and offline support

Technology (Bull Bear Vector)

We develop innovative technological tools to equip our members to make better, more informed decisions based on insights from the outside environment


Core Biz Holdings Pte Ltd









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When I was 12 when my father advised me: “Do something today that will allow you to spend more time with your friends and family in the future.” Having narrowly avoided retrenchment in the dot-com bubble crisis, my father was forced to accept the relocation to Kuala Lumpur as Western Digital’s Logistics Director in year 2000. This shift meant that I could only see my father once a month which was a terrible experience for me and my family. Additionally, my father invested with the local bank in Singapore, however, 3/4 of our family funds were lost due to financial crisis, and unprofessional advices.

Determined to chart a new path and purpose in life, I began my audacious journey in search for financial freedom. I knew that I wanted to do business and invest. My journey was partly influenced by my father, but had not been smooth sailing. It was with various twists and turns, sacrifice and drama before I reached my current station in life. Satisfied with my accomplishment so far, I recounted the key stages of his life journey.

I started to learn investing and entrepreneurship from many sources after national service. From expensive professional courses to inhouse training and on-the-job from my full time job, I understand how investing can be risky/speculative or safe/well managed, depending on one's focus, knowledge and experience. I also understand that running a business, need tons of determination and will-power, street-smart and decisive during any circumstances.

My calling came to me in 2017, that I was given an opportunity to educate and started coaching others on investing with our inhouse complete professional stocks and options program. Along this journey, an idea struck me where "What can I do so that I can help myself and others investing to financial freedom", which resulted in building in AI-Mentorship Research App.

From a middle income individual to a serial entrepreneur and investor, my vision is to allow more people to make alternative income safely leveraging on technology, invest and trade the safely , to get a better lifestyle, able to spend more time with their family, retire healthily and happily.

Director's Quote:

Learning is the beginning of wealth, and learning can be done smart, simple and safe.

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