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About the Company:

ENVCARES PTE LTD is a subsidiary of Farm 85 Trading (SINGAPORE) since 2014. The first trial project was composting organic wastes on 2012, when a trial pilot project of composting local organic matters (stable waste, natural green waste) for the production of a natural organic fertilizer was successfully tested by the local farming.

We came up with a pioneering idea to use of stable waste mixed with Coal Ash, Bio-mass Ash, Vegetables Waste, Egg Shell, Milk Powder & Orkara to produce natural fertiliser via a windrow composting method. The trial pilot program was implemented with the support of Mr. Tan Koon Hua, Director of Farm 85 Trading, a local company & also Singapore largest vegetation farming land in the North-West side in Singapore and the cooperation on plants trials in his farm to reduces vegetables waste (Green Waste) to Resources.


ENVCARES Compost was then founded in 2014, introducing an optimal method for minimizing the impact of environment by collecting all type of wastes materials to add value of high content in nutrients and increasing
the stimulation properties in plant growth.


ENVCARES aims to promote Environmental Cares in Singapore by Sourcing Waste to resources, promoting less usage of chemical fertilizer by replacing ENVCARES Organic Compost fertilizer to fertilise & control pollution damaging to soil/earth.


Our philosophy is based on the production and development of natural fertilizers at reasonable cost by regaining and utilizing only waste materials. We offer quality improvement of agricultural, landscape and gardening products while protecting the environment, focusing on the significant quality improvement of the organic, transitional (from conventional to organic) and conventional agriculture and gardening using biodegrades organic waste (i.e. food waste, manure, leaves, grass trimmings, paper, wood, feathers, crop residue & Biomass Ash etc) and turns it into a valuable organic fertilizer.


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The Director

Mr Ng was concerned about the environmental issue and strongly believes that the food wastage can be solved therefore agreed to start this project with Mr Tan Koon Hua. He had diversified into aiming to take the lead to recover more waste to resources by providing additional services to trade company to go green, cost saving and creating a sustainable environment.


Mr Ng continuously seek to grow its business from food manufacturers to marine's and construction sector's starting from compost, and now recycling spent grains, milk powder, all types of waste materials, aiming to achieve zero wastage.


He has target to educate more companies to join into the zero waste recycling, therefore most waste can be recycled into useful resources.

Director's Quote:

Towards Zero Waste with Envcares

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