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About the Company:

With the on going pandemic and staff constraints in the healthcare sector, we incorporated HealthSafe Pte Ltd with the objective of supporting the healthcare sectors in keeping their equipment clean and disinfected with the use of an automated washer, the FIRST and ONLY such service in Singapore. Specifically, for wheelchairs, commodes, mobility equipment such as walkers and canes including dressing trollies in hospitals, nursing homes, medical centres, train stations and airports.

In a survey conducted by World Health Organisation (WHO) in 55 Hospitals of 14 countries have shown that 8.7% of the hospital patients were infected by Hospital Acquired Inffection (HAIs). The first study in Singapore commissioned by MOH involving 5415 patients in 8 Public and Private Hospitals from July 2015 to Feb 2016 found that 11.9 percent or more than one in nine caught an infection while being treated for other conditions. (ST 2 Oct 2018). HAIs is defined as an infection acquired in hospital by a patient who was admitted for a reason other than that infection, and is occasionally fatal.

Manual methods of cleaning can be strenuous task. Constant back bending, repetitive movements and lifting, leads to back and muscles strain, having potential for lost work time.

Automated washing is precise and calculated. Each cycle wash takes 25 minutes. Equipment deep cleaned and disinfected is then protected for the next 30days with an anti-viral coating, individually wrapped and returned to the customer.

HealthSafe Pte Ltd, is a Social Enterprise company wholly owned by Foundation of Rotary Clubs Singapore.




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The Director

Mr. Henry Tan has been in the Medical Device industry since the seventies. He is the Managing Director of Alpha-Health Asia with businesses across Asia. He is also the current Deputy Chairman of Medical Technology Industry Group within the Singapore Manufacturing Federation.


He is a board member of the Foundation of Rotary Clubs Singapore and was appointed Director for HealthSafe Pte Ltd, a wholly owned company of FRCS.

Director's Quote:


"Always Keeping You Safe"

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