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Mandala Wellness & Psychology Practice

About the Company:

Mandala Wellness & Psychology Practice (MWPP) was started with the aim of making mental health services accessible and affordable to all. We meet the needs of clients who fall within the gap of public (long wait times) and private (high cost) mental health services. We work on the principle of reducing cost to the client such that they can invest in their mental health needs for the long term. MWPP started off with 1 therapist and has now grown in services and size with 3 therapists.


At Mandala, we believe in catering to the varying needs of our clients in a holistic way with a focus on mental wellness. As such, we believe in eclactic therapy practices alongside the traditional psychotherapy practices (e.g. trauma informed yoga). We also have a network of alternative therapy professionals (e.g. somatic therapist, art therapist) whom we work with to compliment our psychotherapy services. We also have a small movement/grounding space to provide clients with a comfortable area for mindfulness and somatic sessions or as a therapy space for children.


In addition to our clinical services, we have provided till date:

9 mental health training to community/grassroots
5 public webinars/talks
16 media appearances including TV, radio and articles written
2 Collaborative Arts Productions for Mental Health Awareness (Theatre and Classical Dance)

MWPP is a proud member of the Centre for Social Enterprises, raiSE Singapore and is committed to improving the mental health & well-being of our community.


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Founder and Principal Clinical Psychologist

Having trained and practiced in the Singapore public health system for over a decade, Ms Vithiyah Muthukumar has extensive experience in the mental health field. As a registered clinical psychologist, she is passionate about promoting mental wellness and through her professional career has championed against associated stigma. Her long held vision is to ensure that mental health services remain universally accessible, regardless of an individual's socioeconomic standing.


Vithiyah holds a Bachelor's Degree (Cum Laude) in Psychology and Management from Singapore Management University and completed her Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology from the National University of Singapore, on a Healthcare scholarship.


Her current practice focuses on adults experiencing a range of mental health conditions and couples undergoing marital conflict. She has a special interest in neuropsychiatric and neurodevelopmental conditions, LGBTQ+ mental wellness and conducting psychological assessments.Vithiyah further has extensive experience conducting mental health related education and skills training workshops for the public, community and health care workers.


She is also passionate about giving back to the community through performing arts. As a trained Indian Classical Dancer, she actively seeks to promote mental wellness and awareness through her performances.

Director's Quote:

Mental health is a necessity, not a luxury.

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