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About the Company:

Rolling Arrays has been driving SAP SuccessFactors-led HR Transformation since 2009. The company specialises in SF consulting, implementation, and support and also builds applications to enhance the utility of the SuccessFactors platform. It is committed to designing systems that help its customers to attract, develop and retain talented individuals. In 2021, Rolling Arrays was recognized as one of the top 75 fastest-growing companies in Singapore by The Straits Times & Statista.


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Marina One West Tower, 9 Straits View, Unit 05-07, Singapore 018937



Founder and CEO

Manu is the Founder and CEO of Rolling Arrays which he founded in 2009. Rolling Arrays is an HR Technology Consulting company headquartered in Singapore with offices in 6 geographical locations.

A recognised HR Transformation Leader, Manu has more than 18 years of rich experience in HR Processes, HR Functions and HR Softwares. With a reputation for adopting futuristic HR Automation techniques and investing in young talent, Manu’s work has been instrumental in establishing Rolling Arrays as one of the most trusted HR Transformation Solution Provider in Asia Pacific & as Singapore’s top 75 fastest growing companies in 2020 and 2021.

Manu believes true entrepreneurs should follow customer first and employee first approach and not an investor first approach. They should focus on value creation and not on valuation.

Prior to Rolling Arrays, Manu worked for SAP Labs at Germany, Bulgaria, Israel and India and there-after consulted for various blue chip clients worldwide.

Manu is an alumnus of Harvard Business School and Indian Institute of Technology.

Manu’s life goal is to be a responsible leader to his Customers & Employees; and to be a loving husband, father, son and brother to his adorable family.

In his free time, Manu likes to play the Piano, advise budding entrepreneurs on their exciting ventures, and coach young professionals to be good leaders.

Director's Quote:

"At Rolling Arrays, our purpose is to create positive human experience for all professionals, by designing HR systems that accelerate their professional growth"


Manu Khetan

Founder and CEO, Rolling Arrays

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