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About the Company:

The Art People is a training centre that engages kids age 3 years old to 15 years old with creative, fun, and art activities days, including Animation, & Game design classes. We understand every children’s developmental needs, so our professional art instructors focus on technical skills training from understanding pencil control to color perception using a proven structured program designed by us.

We understand that Art activities consist of moving the fingers and hands. We believe this can help in developing a child’s fine motor skills as well as enhance their dexterity and agility. By holding a paintbrush and coloring with pencils, we help every child strengthen muscles for improved pacing and control.

Our art and analytical process enable us to design our program to impact technical art skills while enhancing the interest of the children and exploiting their artistic potential. We provide technical training in AR Animation, allowing our students to create and design drawing animation that is real, unique, and fun.​

We are also experts at providing Game design courses using the simplest game techniques and tools to help kids discover strategies behind game making and inspire them to design games instead of playing.


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I decided to open an art school, focusing on fundamental training to help every child enhance their imaginative skills. At 8, I was asked to drop out of art school due to poor performance in drawing and coloring. As a child who wanted to explore art at a tender age, i became frustrated and eventually gave up after many unpleasant experiences learning art.

​Growing up, she believes art can be learned without fear, so at 30 years old, me and my team decided to launch our own art school, focusing on fundamental skills to help every child enhance their artistic abilities. i believed there is more to art than being an artist.


Our mission is to teach artistic skills to kids who have natural talent and those who think they don’t have.

If you can WRITE, you can DRAW

Director's Quote:

Art is not just for the talented but for everyone who seeks its knowledge and uses.

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