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UFC Gym Singapore

About the Company:

UFC GYM ® is a MMA-inspired fitness company making training programs and benefits of elite MMA athletes accessible to all.


UFC GYM is a major brand extension of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), the leader in the sport of mixed martial arts. The UFC Gym brand gives UFC enthusiasts and fitness seekers of all ages the opportunity to practice the training techniques of famed UFC athletes. Offering a full-range of group fitness classes, private MMA training, personal and group dynamic training, plus MMA style youth programming, UFC GYM creates something for all ages and fitness levels.


The goal was to offer a unique, premium, and wholistic fitness experience to members at an affordable price that couldn't be found elsewhere.


Over the years, we've served countless members and have impacted them in a positive way. They've achieved their best while training with UFC GYM.


As we navigated through COVID, 17% of all gyms closed permanently, and 40% of all members left the industry. And what was thought to happen was that virtual fitness and streaming services would take over. And as we've gotten on the other side of COVID, we've seen the opposite. We've seen more consumer demand than pre-COVID levels. And we're seeing consumers not only want to transaction into fitness but also want other verticals such as nutrition and recovery services.


To bring an experience to the consumer that allows them to train like a UFC athlete, that allows them not only to get to the best shape of their life, but do it as part of a community.


UFC Gym Singapore





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Managing Director

Mr Barnabas Huang is a Business Consultant, Business Owner, Proven Serial Million Dollar Entrepeneur, Jeweller & Motivational Speaker. He is responsible for overseeing and managing 3 companies under his wing, NutriFirst, Huangs Jewelry & UFC GYM Singapore. He has won several awards due to his efforts such as Spirit of Enterprise 2010, Mister Singapore 2011, Asia Excellence Awards 2013 & SME of The Year 2014.


Barnabas gained an interest in fitness at the age of 14, his main source of motivation was to gain confidence, look better and feel better. 3 years after starting his fitness journey, Barnabas was recruited by a few modelling agencies and have been given opportunities to be modelling for runways, magazines, newspapers, brochures, commercials and also live TV shows.


Barnabas have also won awards like Hunk Quest 2004 Mr Charisma & Calendar Guys 2006 Mr Suave.


With success in both fitness and modelling, Barnabas got himself certified as a Fitness Instructor in 2004 as he felt the need to help & inspire individuals to be in their best shape with proper workout. With this idea in mind, Barnabas started out NutriFirst in 2004, so that individuals can achieve their best shape in life with proper diet and nutrition.


Through the years at the helm, Barnabas have won numerous awards for himself & the companies he managed such as SME of the Year 2014 & Inspiring Asean Politics & Business Titans 2015.


In 2018, at the age of 34 years old, with the success of NutriFirst generatine over SGD 7 million in revenue with over 100,000 members, Barnabas became financially stable and fell in love with gem stones & jewelry. After spending 5 years of collecting and learning more about gem stones and jewelry, Barnabas decided to bridge the gap between feng shui & jewelry and making it affordable.


In the same year, Barnabas came across UFC GYM. He found it interesting as it was different from any other gyms he has ever visited. Although having never managed a gym before, Barnabas took on the challenge and the opportunity to make UFC GYM available in Singapore. His goals for starting out the gym was to inspire and help individuals achieve their fitness and wellness goals.

Director's Quote:

Every Crisis Brings Oppurtunities

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