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About the Company:

In today's ever-evolving economic landscape, organizations face increasing pressure to reduce costs while striving for growth and resilience. It is astonishing to discover that many are still unknowingly overspending by up to 40% on their everyday operational costs. This financial drain persists because of limited resources and a lack of in-depth knowledge and expertise to effectively manage and control these expenses.


Now there is a solution. For over three decades, EXPENSE REDUCTION ANALYSTS has helped local and global organizations, empowering them to optimize profits and unlock a myriad of possibilities through effective and tangible cost reductions. With a global presence encompassing more than 1000 consultants across 50+countries, our franchise partners not only operate their own thriving businesses but also enjoy the invaluable collaboration and support of their peers as part of an internationally recognized and award-winning brand.


Our extensive clientele spans a wide spectrum of industries, including businesses of all sizes, hospitals, educational institutions, charitable organizations, and even the world's most renowned companies and brand leaders. The diversity of our client base is a testament to our unmatched expertise in over 40 distinct cost categories, underpinned by our exceptional award-winning methodology.


At EXPENSE REDUCTION ANALYSTS, we make one unequivocal promise: “No Savings, No Fee”.

This unwavering commitment is our strongest proposition to clients, assuring them that we are aligned with their success, and we only share in the savings we generate. This unparalleled guarantee not only provides our clients with peace of mind but also serves as a powerful testament to our confidence in our ability to deliver measurable results.


We offer implementation, monitoring, and support for lasting savings. The client only has to pay EXPENSE REDUCTION ANALYSTS if measurable cost savings are achieved, and the fees are set as a percentage of the savings. Hence, we are totally performance-based.


Our approach is aligned with every organization’s motivation to achieve significant cost savings and optimize profits. It also provides clients with peace of mind, knowing that they are only paying for services that deliver measurable value.

Overall, our clients enjoy increased profits, improved cashflow, and a sharper focus on core activities with our expert guidance and commitment to their success.


The Artz Global Solutions Pte Ltd









Level 12 Income@Raffles, 16 Collyer Quay, Singapore 049318


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