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Jason Su

About the Company:

Riding the wave of a rapidly digitalizing Southeast Asia, FVC invests primarily into Seed and Series A start-ups across the 3 sectors of Foodtech, Industry 4.0, and Digital Media to help them access the SEA markets through our unparalleled regional network and connections.


Our core team has more than 30 years of combined experience in the start-up scene with an extensive network of investors, universities, government agencies, corporate partners, mentors, and entrepreneurs. The team has invested in, nurtured, and supported various iconic startups at their early stages.


Due to financial and human resource constraints, SMEs and LLEs are often laggards in the adoption of disruptive technology. FVC seeks to empower SMEs and LLEs by linking these companies to promising technology startups to form meaningful commercial partnerships. In addition, FVC is focused on nurturing and investing in technology startups that are socially responsible for building sustainable business models for the future.

Examples of investments that FVC has invested or are investing in including but are not limited to Hoow foods and Roceso.


Farquhar VC Pte Ltd









31 Harrison Road, Food Empire building #04-03

Jason Su
"We believe that harnessing capital to invest in socially responsible start-ups is critical to the development of a more sustainable future for all."

About the

Founder / Director:

Directors BioSnippet:


Jason believes that the actions of our generation today are instrumental in reversing the environmental degradation we see in the world today. In addition, the rise of income inequality could be dampened with inclusive technology made available to more people to ride the technology revolution the world is experiencing.

Farquhar VC
Farquhar VC
Farquhar VC
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