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Hans Kok And Angel Lee

About the Company:

Welcome to Reflections Cosmetology Pte Ltd, a visionary venture founded in 2000 by the dynamic duo, Hans and Angel. Committed to enhancing beauty, health, and wellness, we have evolved into a premier supplier of top-tier beauty products, makeup, health foods, and cutting-edge equipment in Singapore.


Our journey began when Angel, armed with professional beauty training since 1998, embarked on her career by offering facials on her home balcony for friends and family. Fueled by passion and propelled by the growing demand for excellence, we established two beauty spas in 2001, which flourished for over a decade. Subsequently, our focus shifted towards intensive research and development in skincare and functional beverages, leading to the creation of five distinct Singapore brands—PRETTY EASY, DR. KEITH CHRYSLER, SKIN FACTOR, COLOR MINERALS, and WONDER SYSTEMS.


As industry pioneers, our primary distribution channel is B2B, with Pretty Easy functional beverages gaining prominence among beauty spas and medical professionals since 2007. Our commitment to community well-being inspired the inception of the Nutrition Outreach Program, resulting in the establishment of Pretty Easy Cafe in September 2018. Recognized by the Health Promotion Board with the Healthier Choice Logo, our cafe pioneers a diabetic-friendly approach with a diverse menu boasting over 40 items. Beyond offering delicious and nutritious options, our cafe serves as an educational hub, guiding patrons on optimal dietary choices to fortify their gut health and combat diabetes.


In a bid to extend our influence and share our wealth of knowledge, we launched—an online platform designed to empower individuals in their journey toward better health, fitness, and confidence. This holistic website serves as a repository of self-help videos, beauty tips, and educational newsletters, complemented by exclusive discounts for our valued members.


At Reflections Cosmetology, we transcend the conventional boundaries of a beauty and wellness company. We are architects of positive transformation, dedicated to not only offering exceptional products and services but also fostering a community committed to embracing a healthier, more vibrant lifestyle. Join us on this enriching journey towards holistic well-being, where beauty meets wellness, and confidence meets consciousness.


Reflections Cosmetology Pte Ltd










Hans Kok And Angel Lee
"Reflecting confidently and healthily from inner to outer self in everyday life."

About the

Founder / Director:

Meet the visionary minds behind Reflections Cosmetology Pte Ltd—Hans Kok and Angel Lee, with an extensive legacy spanning more than two decades in the beauty and health industry. Having encountered numerous instances of weight management issues leading to severe health complications such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and chronic diseases, our journey has been fueled by a deep concern for the well-being of our nation and community.


Our commitment extends beyond traditional beauty offerings, leading us to champion Nutrition Education as a cornerstone of our mission. We empower individuals to seize control of their lives and health, firmly believing in the transformative power of informed choices.


In our pursuit of enhancing public health, we advocate for the integration of functional beverages into daily life. Witness the fruition of this vision with our creations—the Nutri Cafe Fit Cappuccino, VG Power Fiber, Nutri Green Tea Gold TehTarik, and Collagen Milkshake. Crafted as daily nutritious functional drinks, these innovations are accessible to everyone, including those managing Type 2 diabetes, effectively elevating the health of countless individuals.


To amplify our impact and spread valuable insights, we established a comprehensive online platform. This website not only serves as a rich source of health and nutrition information but also facilitates online consultations with health advisors. Users can delve into the realms of weight management and diabetes reversal, learning from the expertise of our dedicated advisors.


Our dedication to community well-being took a tangible form with the inauguration of Pretty Easy Café in 2018—the pioneering diabetic-friendly café nestled in the heart of Singapore. In collaboration with the National Kidney Foundation (NKF), we stand as proud sponsors, recognizing that conditions like overweight, diabetes, and high blood pressure contribute significantly to kidney failure. Armed with profound health and nutrition knowledge, we actively contribute to fostering healthier eating habits and lifestyles, playing our role in shaping a healthier Singapore.


The success stories of numerous customers who have effectively managed weight, reversed diabetes, and enhanced their overall quality of life are a testament to our unwavering commitment. We remain steadfast in our belief that, armed with our knowledge, we can continue to guide more individuals towards a life steeped in health and well-being. Join us on this transformative journey as we redefine not just beauty and wellness, but the very fabric of a healthier, more vibrant society.

Reflections Cosmetology
Reflections Cosmetology
Reflections Cosmetology
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