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Bazaar & 

CentreStage Performance

Bazaar & CentreStage Performance

A family (including a competitive + inclusive) race element that will take participants through a journey of exploration through the JC's historical landmarks, shophouses, and cultural sites.

Be ready to showcase / act / exercise / create /or dance as you explore the streets, sights, food and heritage of JC through sound, taste and pictures.

This event aims to educate, entertain and engage the families residing in the Joo Chiat community, helping to foster closer ties and a sense of belonging amongst neighbours and residents.

The Amazing Race promotes our local culture by running through Joo Chiat’s varying heritage sites to showcase her wonderful heritage is alive and in a fun and engaging way.

Rules & Regulations

1. Objectives: As a group, navigate to checkpoints to take on the various fun challenges. Complete them and make your way to the end point.

2. Race Content / Site Selection Guidelines: Participants will be given a number of checkpoints to reach and at each checkpoint, there will be activities to complete / act upon before the next clue is revealed. We encourage that each checkpoint has an edutainment value and participants will get to experience  living heritage / culture / history / music / food / street name, and / or architecture. Artworks should not infringe any copyright or intellectual property rights.

Points are awarded for its Heritage and Joo Chiat related elements, including of cultural, arts and historical significance, creativity, storytelling of content or topic and its overall impact and appeal to fashion and trends.

3. Eligibility: The challenge is open to all Singaporeans.

4. Hashtag Usage: Contestants must include the official challenge hashtag #heritagecomesalive #heritagesingapore on of their submission.

5. Safety and Respect: Kindly note that safety is paramount in such an activity and every precaution will be taken in high regard to ensuring this is achieved. Jay-walking, non-compliance of traffic rules and other unlawful practices are highly discouraged while offensive, harmful, or inappropriate content / anything to segregate communities or cause racial disharmony content will not be tolerated.

6. Competition Submission Guidelines: Ensure participants adhere to submission guidelines:  

Confirm Competition Duration: From announcement 1 March to Jun
Submission deadlines: by 21 May 2024 (depending when race date is)
Eligibility criteria: Open: Families of at least 4 (parents & children) ; Youth: Team of 4 (two males, two females, 21 years and below as of 2024)

7. Registration Process: All participants are to use the official registration forms and for the case of youths, for an adult to consent their participation of the activity.

8. Marketing & Promotion of Channel: The competition will be publicised through social media, local newspapers, community groups, schools, art / ECA classes and official channels of the Joo Chiat Constituency.

9. Partnerships and Sponsors: Seek partnerships with local businesses, organizations, and potential sponsors to provide prizes, financial support, or promotional assistance. @gary

10. Prizes: Attractive prizes will be given out. These could include cash prizes, gift cards, local cultural experiences, or sponsor-provided items.

11. Pre-event Briefing: It is mandatory for participants to attend the pre-event briefing, either physically on-site or via video conference.  Details of this will be made available later.  This would also be made available on the official web: xxxxxxxxx. 

12. Feedback and Evaluation: We welcome feedback from participants, judges, and the community to explore ways to continue promoting Joo Chiat’s heritage and culture and would love to host more future design competitions, art exhibitions and heritage preservation projection beyond the competition. We hope to leave a lasting impact by showcasing and celebrating local heritage whilst inspiring a sense of unity and pride within the community.

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