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Critical Thinking Is The New Norm
Most business owners were not ready to transform their business despite the accelerating disruptive technologies. However, COVID19 has forced the world toward WFH, online learning, streaming services, video communication, consumer goods and service deliveries. Such new behaviours will likely remain embedded in our daily lives for years to come. Learn about new norms that will quickly shape the business world and gain insight on how to use critical thinking to go through this unprecedented storm.
Jeremy Peh
Senior Partner
Trugem Capital
Jeremy Peh is a master coach, serial entrepreneur, and a passionate investor. Currently a partner with Critical Thinking Academy and Trugem Capital, an investment holding company, Jeremy focuses on innovative and IP rich companies for his investment in future ready businesses. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Jeremy has more than twenty years of working experiences in engineering and management position across different functions: design & engineering, global sourcing & procurement, research & development, and business development.
Lim Yau Boon
Senior Partner
Lim-Loges & Masters
Yau Boon has more than 25 years experience in strategy, planning, marketing, operation and business management, across multiple industries in the Asia Pacific, and led marketing & strategy in IBM, SAP and Motorola from 2000-2015, He also co-founded several startups from 1993-2018, and serves as an adjunct lecturer in Singapore Institute of Management. He specializes in market alignment strategy, business model transformation, and disruption management. Prior to his latest entrepreneurial ventures, he was the Vice President, Marketing & Strategy, for SAP Asia Pacific.
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