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Shocks, Uncertainties & Sustainability: Business Lessons On Risk
2020 has been a year of upheaval, with the COVID-19 pandemic resulting in widespread social and economic disruption. This webinar will explore key lessons on business risk management that we can glean from the current crisis and, more importantly, how we can apply them to mitigate future risks, especially against the backdrop of the climate crisis.
John Sayer
Carbon Care Asia (CCA)
John Sayer has a background in sustainability issues and human development, climate change policy research, organizational management and governance policy. As Director General of Oxfam Hong Kong he helped shape and implement the first Oxfam International advocacy campaign on climate change (2008-2009). He has served on the board of the Ethical Trading Initiative in the UK, helping major corporations develop socially responsible supply chain policies. He has also served on the advisory body of the UN Global Compact on corporate conduct and the Stakeholder Council of the Global Reporting Initiative. In addition to being Research Director of Carbon Care InnoLab, he is a member of the Board of Carbon Care Asia Ltd. He holds a Master of Letters in Development Studies (University of New England).
Alan Ng
Brands For Good
Alan spent 8 years in International Enterprise Singapore and 3 years in Intellectual Property Office of Singapore before becoming a consultant to many local SMEs and International Organisation such as Asian Development Bank since 2015.
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