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Environmental, Social & Governance Pillar of Sustainability

Accelerated Leadership in Sustainability (ALS)

This is the start of the next wave of business transformation and innovation. This wave of transformation and innovation is driven by disruptive technology, changing demographics, and the rise of new early, yet creative adopters who understand the potential of technology.
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Leadership in
Sustainabililty (ALS)

Social & Governance
Pillar of Sustainability


These two days introductory course is designed to provide learners the confidence and knowledge to talk about sustainability in a professional setting and looking to attain a green certification.

Sustainability is a rapidly growing area, with considerable focus in all industries and countries today.


Learners will be developing a basic understanding of what encompasses sustainability and how to communicate it.

The structure of the course will provide participants with the ability to approach sustainability concepts confidently and have a clear understanding of its value and importance.


Case studies of organisations who have started on this rewarding journey are also provided to provide learners a framework of sustainable ideas which they can utilise.

The course shows a step-by-step approach to initiate the certification process with details of reporting requirements that may be required.

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of the course, attendees will be able to:

1. Gain understanding of sustainability, concepts and frameworks.

2. Acquire knowledge on global and local sustainability trends and tools.

3. Understand the importance and reason for using sustainable business concepts.

4. Identify and list the benefits of sustainability for an organisation.

5. Able to distinguish successful sustainability ideas and identify what ESG reporting look like in an organisation.

6. Recognise and take actionable steps at an individual level to realise sustainable ideas.

7. Understanding of why ESG reporting is used to measure sustainability.

8. Gain knowledge of a basic ESG assessment and how to complete it.

9. Acquire knowledge on various sustainability certifications available.

10. Identify which green certification works for own organization

11. Attain information on a step by step process and approach to certify an organisation.

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for: 

  • For participants who are interested in sustainability as a subject and how it can be used as a strategic approach to help a business or department run responsibly.

  • Staff in Governance and Risk, Human Resources, Quality, Management, Supply Chain, Operational Excellence, Corporate Philanthropy at any experience level across any department function will find this helpful.

  • This training is also ideally suited to staff who are looking to become a Sustainability Officer or those with CSR responsibilities. 

Course Duration

•2 days / 16 hours inclusion of Assessment


Jon Song.png

Jon Song

  • Jon has worked in numerous industries, including law, finance, management consulting and founded several internet start-ups. His experience spans the entire gamut of business, from strategy to operations, sales, marketing and finance. Since 1995, Jon has worked in blue-chip companies like Accenture, Jardine Matheson, and Lloyd’s, rising to the position of CEO in various organizations since 2009.

  • Today, Jon's focus is on his L&D consultancy, which promotes game-based learning through gamified instructional design and behavioural science. His innovative game-based facilitation programs have earned consistently high praise from learners and clients alike. His consultancy also specializes in activity-based programs for team building, corporate alignment, using brick building (Legos, K’Nex), board games even escape room games.

  • He holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Southern California, an MBA from the Ivey Business School at Western University, and a Leadership Executive Program from the London Business School. Additionally, Jon is certified by IAL in both ACTA and DACE (e-learning) and is actively developing numerous WSQ, IBF and other programs.

  • In his free time, Jon dabbles in designing board and card games, hoping to one day create the perfect game that is one part finance, two parts strategy, and all parts fun.

Environmental, Social & Governance Pillar of Sustainability

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