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Leveraging Agile
to Accelerate Sustainability Strategies and Development

Accelerated Leadership in Sustainability (ALS)

This is the start of the next wave of business transformation and innovation. This wave of transformation and innovation is driven by disruptive technology, changing demographics, and the rise of new early, yet creative adopters who understand the potential of technology.
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Leadership in
Sustainabililty (ALS)

Leveraging Agile
to Accelerate Sustainability
Strategies and Development


The ability to create and respond to change is a way of dealing and managing projects in our today’s world, filled with uncertainty and turbulence.

To be fully equipped with this capability, it is crucial for professionals to increase their business agility, which is made possible through a good application of the Agile Methodology.

This 2-day masterclass will covers the fundamental concept of Agile methodologies and the roles in managing innovative product.


At the end of the program, the learners will be able to apply this iterative approach in managing innovative projects, resulting in their team’s ability to deliver value to their customers in a faster and more effective manner.

The application of SCRUM as a modern framework will be able to mitigate the overall business risk in project implementation while cultivating a highly resilient team within the organization.

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of the course, attendees will be able to:

  1. Knowledge of Agile Methodology and its role in managing innovation

  2. Application of the Agile Framework to manage an innovation project

  3. Understand the concept of Scrum as a modern method of team management

  4. Apply the Scrum framework to maximise the effectiveness of Agile

  5. Explore Agile-related tools

  6. Implementation of the Agile methodology in project planning

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for: 

  • New Managers

  • Managers

  • Senior Managers

  • Directors

Course Duration

  • 2 Days In-Person Classroom Training (16 Hours Including 30Mins Assessment)


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Ang Tze Wei

  • Ang Tze Wei is currently an ACLP certified trainer with Intangibles Consultancy Pte Ltd. His interest in sharing and impacting knowledge enables him to contribute greatly to the learning of adult professionals. His expertise domain includes Digital Marketing (Social Media Marketing, Content Creation, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and eCommerce Marketing), Project Management, Robotics, AI and Blockchain, coding and IT projects consultations.

  • Among his consulting portfolio includes more than a decade of industry experience in computer network security research, project lead for system integration projects involving campus wide enterprise access control system, radio-frequency identification (RFID) card access system, turnstiles system and software architect for high availability 2 factor authentication servers.

  • In terms of academic, Tze Wei holds a Bachelor degree in Information Technology from The University of Queensland Australia.

Leveraging Agile
to Accelerate Sustainability Strategies and Development

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