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Envcares Pte Ltd
Envcares Pte Ltd

About the Company:

ENVCARES PTE LTD, is a subsidiary of Farm 85 Trading (Singapore), a long established and experienced Singapore soil base vegetable grower.


In 2012, a pilot program was initiated and implemented with the support of Mr. Tan Koon Hua, Founder and Director of Farm 85 Trading. Collaboration and cooperation on plants trials in his farm contributed towards reducing and converting large amounts of vegetables waste into value added compost. The project involved the composting of local organic waste materials such as stable waste and horticulture wastes. The end result was a natural organic fertilizer which was successfully tested by more Singapore farmers.


With experimentation and field trials, a pioneering method was developed involving a mix of stable waste, coal ash, bio-mass ash, vegetables wastes, egg shells, expired milk powder, orkara, crop residues producing a natural fertiliser using a windrow composting method.


ENVCARES Compost was subsequently incorporated in 2014 and introduced this optimised process which minimizes the impact of fertilizers on the environment. Part of the process involved the collection of various types of organic wastes materials which improve the nutrients value contents for enhancing the growth and health properties of plants.


ENVCARES Organic Compost aims to promote care of the Environmental in Singapore through the sourcing of organic wastes and processing into organic resources, significantly reducing the use of chemical fertilizers and avoids the generation of chemical pollutants.


Our philosophy is based on the production and development of natural fertilizers at reasonable cost by seeking and utilizing only organic waste materials.


Our proven organic product leads to direct beneficial quality gains in the agriculture and gardening sectors including:


  • improvement of agricultural, landscape and gardening produce

  • developing, growing and demonstrating that a virtuous cycle of circularity and sustainability is attainable


Envcares Pte Ltd





+65 6898 2003




12 Tuas Avenue 16 Singapore 638935

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Gin Keat ONG (GK)
"Towards Zero Waste with Envcares"

About the

The Business Development Director

Gin Keat ONG (GK) has been closely involved in the sustainability sector since 2004 after a career in the marine, oil & gas sector.


A keen advocate of sustainability, GK registered Singapore's first UNFCCC CDM project and Singapore’s first sale of carbon credits (Certified Emissions Reduction) under an Emissions Reduction Purchase Agreement.


He also led the building and operations of an industrial scale Certified Organic Aerobic Thermophilic Composting facility and a 1 MW biomass Cogeneration Waste to Energy Plant using horticulture/wood waste as a green fuel, generating waste steam and creating new revenue streams.


Other experiences included the conversion of industrial solid wastes to value added resources, municipal waste management, mobile and stationary pneumatic conveyance systems, Vertical Axis Wind Turbines/solar hybrids, desalination systems, land reclamation, heat transfer equipment and glass flake coatings manufacturing. 


He works with vendors, government bodies and third parties to advance sustainability issues including on the ground solutions for urban and rural environments involving a unique small-scale biomass-based energy generation platform.


GK is Chairman of Zero Waste Singapore, a registered charity and NGO advocating public and corporate activities to reduce wastes and increasing recycling/upcycling and the Circular Economy. He is also a member of the F&B Sustainability Council.


GK aims to strive towards zero waste, educate and collaborate with industry to increase their efforts towards zero waste recycling, converting wastes into useful resources especially from food manufacturers, marine and construction sector.

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