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“The Brands for Good philosophy underscores the particular importance of intellectual property possessing the potential to “do good”.

IP, therefore, is not just an economic asset but also an instrument to turn a
brilliant idea or invention into a means for the betterment of human life.”

Alan Ng,
Brands For Good
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About the Program

Brands For Good aims to recognise businesses that not only make a difference
but also commit as
stewards for a positive impact 

Brands for Good is all about rewarding businesses for doing good.
We recognise and honour SMEs across Asia for embodying the principles of Social Responsibility in their business and operations 

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Brands For Good 2021/22 Winners

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AIA Singapore
Oceanus Group
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Gold Champion Award Label BFG2021 2022.png

Nominate Your Company For
Brands For Good 2023

& Be That Change
In This Changing Climate

Learn How Alan Ng, Co-Chairperson of Brands For Good, helped 131 SMEs businesses transform into national ethical brands that appeal to ethically-conscious consumers, investors and create a new brand leadership,
all by doing good and increasing your new ethical wealth

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Image by Jeremy Bishop

Brands For Good
with Senior Minister of State of Singapore, Ms Sim Ann

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Why Brands for Good?

We believe that a brands’ success is not based solely on its business achievements, but also by the positive role it plays in it’s community and environmental engagement.

We are driven by a cause to shout about those who are making strides towards a better world for everyone – employees, customers as well as the communities they operate in.

These companies are seen as a realistic force for good and change-for-the-better, and we want to recognise and reward theirs efforts.

Image by Kristopher Roller

"Being a part of Brands For Good also has a particular appeal to attract funding, which in turn provides the resources for technical improvements.

These improvements have the potential to be translated into commercial activities and 
deliver impact, resulting in economies of scale benefitting the wider masses."

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Esther Wee,
Brands For Good

Join the Movement!

As a community of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME), 
we are actively trying to push the envelope of doing good as a means to influence positive impact on how we conduct our businesses today.

Hence, we mooted a movement that recognises like-minded companies who promote a positive impact on the way we do businesses, called Brands For Good.

Today, as a community, we re-defined and uphold a completely new standard to doing good to the community and to the environment. As standard-bearers, we steward a whole new movement to do what is right, and to do what is good!

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New Moon

Brands For Good 2020 Winners Tribute
"Good Job" by Alicia Keys

Brands For Good 2019 Winners Tribute
"This Is Me!" by The Greatest Showman

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