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Gaia Science Pte Ltd
Gaia Science Pte Ltd

About the Company:

Gaia Science was formed with the vision and mission to promote scientific and cutting edge technology, products and solutions to support the scientific and medical communityto propel the pace of R&D in mankind’s search for a better quality of life and a healthier environment for a better world for our children and the generations to come.


Scientists and doctors faces great limitations in R&D if research can only be conducted with their naked eyes and bare hands. It is through the state-of-the-art technology, equipment and products that help propel the pace of discoveries and inventions that revolutionalize our way of life, be it medical, food, environment, communications, etc to promote a better quality of life for mankind.


It is with this vision that Gaia Science was born to bridge new and cutting edge technologies from all over the world to our medical and scientific community in Singapore and in the region where Gaia Science will contribute her part for the betterment of mankind.


During the pandemic, Gaia Science has also played a vital role in collaboration with Health Canada to facilitate the donation and distribution of essential safety products worth millions of dollars to several countries in Asia and Africa. This program has benefitted thousands in many resource-limited countries in protecting their citizens, without which, thousands of life, families and loved ones could have been lost.


Gaia Science has also designed and fabricated Mobile Labs to help in the surveillance and vaccination program of some developing countries in the region.


In this Information Age where the masses are better educated and with the advent of new technologies, internet and social media, Gaia Science believes that this is the Age of Empowerment where younger generations aspire to participate in their organization’s future that, in turn, shape their own career and future as well.


It is in this respect, that Gaia Science was structured as an Employee-owned company where we believe in Collective-Ownership and Collective-Leadershipin shaping our corporate culture in important decision making processes.


Gaia Science is designed and structured to empower employees to shape a collective future in our evolution to be a company of the future in the social-economic evolution of mankind.


Gaia Science Pte Ltd









Blk 102E Pasir Panjang Road #02-07 Singapore 118529

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Weng Lijuan
"All man have been created to carry forward an ever-advancing civilization."

About the

Managing Director

Being a scientist in business, I am the pioneer and one of the founders of Gaia Science Pte Ltd, I am very proud of my partners and colleagues who are so dedicated in serving the scientific community in our own capacities.


I am very grateful that we have the privilege to be in the forefront of the technology field and always exploring new

tools for the advancement of the science and technology. We will continue to strive in this field.

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