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Lacess Ltd
Lacess Ltd

About the Company:

KIBO is a footwear company committed to sourcing their materials ethically and sustainably throughout every stage of their supply chain. KIBO designs timeless sneaker styles, attempting to shift consumers away from fast fashion through a consumer and B2B model. The company sources almost all of its materials from recycled or natural sources. The sneakers are produced with GRS recycled leather, recycled plastics, natural cork, and natural/recycled rubber. KIBO also reuses 95% of its water during the production of the leather, and does not require any tanning procedures to eliminate the toxic chemicals and water that may seep into our waterways.


KIBO is looking to expand into the B2B market with safety footwear for service industries, successfully completing their first contract with The Rosewood Hotel Group. Currently, most sustainable footwear is designed only for leisure wear, but not safety work footwear. KIBO is one of the first movers to provide sustainable workwear.





Lacess Ltd









917A, Block B, Seaview Estate, 2 Watson Road, Tin Hau

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Simon Chow
"One Step Goes A Long Way"

About the


Simon is the co-founder and COO of KIBO, and is a second generation footwear manufacturer whose family has over 50 years’ experience in manufacturing, sourcing and trading in footwear.


Additionally to KIBO, Simon also holds a Director position at Splendid Footwear Co. Ltd., where he oversees key customer accounts (which have included brands like Levi’s and Steve Madden, and global importer and distributors) and supplier relationships.


Having learnt his footwear trade over the last 11 years, and further sourcing experience in major bank and MNC mining companies previously, Simon was one of the pioneers upon which KIBO was born, as he saw the need to bring an accessible and viable sustainable option for sneakers to the market. He graduated from the University of Melbourne with a bachelor’s degree in Law and Commerce.

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