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Our Journey Counselling and Wellness
Our Journey Counselling and Wellness

About the Company:

Our Journey Counselling and Wellness (Registered Social Enterprise with RaiSE Sg) was born out of a desire to help people. Our initial idea was to extend our services to people in caretaker roles, like healthcare professionals and others. We realised that there was a gap in the support systems that were for caretaking professionals and decided to offer counselling and mental health wellness workshops for this specific group of people. Fast forward to today, we now run social emotional learning camps for children and counselling sessions for adults too.


We are an experienced team but do not claim ourselves as the know-it-all experts. We provide our clients with genuine experience of connecting with themselves and another human in a meaningful way. We assist clients develop a vision of the future, identify their strengths, resources, and abilities required to achieve that vision successfully.


Creator of Mental Health Mascot: Cocoachnutty

Cocoachnutty was born out of our desire to continuously support our clients after they’ve completed their sessions with

us. Even as we say goodbye, it does not mean it’s the end.


Like Cocoachnutty, we believe that everyone has a silly, carefree and “Nutty” side to them that may have been deliberately hidden due to certain circumstances. Cocoachnutty serves as a reminder that it is:

  • okay to let loose and be ourselves.

  • okay to rest and practise self-care.

  • okay to make mistakes.

  • okay to not be perfect.

and the list goes on.


We hope people can resonate with the stories and eventually start their journey towards a positive mental health.



Our Journey Counselling and Wellness









171 Tras Street, #08-177, Union Building, Singapore 079025

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Blythe Chong
"Every act creates a ripple with no logical end."

About the

The Management

Blythe is passionate about helping people overcome their life challenges and started her social work career in 2007. She has worked extensively with schools in Singapore providing counselling services, parenting talks, and workshops. She led a team of youth workers in school-based outreach and is experienced with development of programmes. In the past four years, she designed self-care toolkit for individuals and conducted self-care trainings at different institutions.


Blythe’s greatest strength is her ability to build strong rapport with her clients, she connects with clients from all walks of life. Also, she believes that when a person is given a safe space, he/she has the freedom to explore his/her life to learn and work through areas of tension keeping them stuck. She adopts a solution focused approach where she assists her clients achieve their goals through development of resources and insights, she firmly believes that every person can find joy and fulfilment in their life if they are willing to invest in self-discovery and personal growth.


Formal Education and Certifications:
• Master of Counselling (M.Couns), MACA
• Master Solution Focused Brief Therapy Practitioner
• DISC Certified Human Behaviour Consultant
• Registered Counsellor (ACA)
• Registered Supervisor ( ACA)


From a soon-to-be graduate to a valuable member of Our Journey Counselling and Wellness.


Jovene’s role involves sales and marketing, so part of her job was to manage active collaborations with other vendors. She handles content and execution of posts across Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. On top of that, she communicates with customers and followers to achieve a goal of 15% increase in engagement annually.


Jovene has seized every opportunity to showcase her unique abilities. As a fast learner, she understudy for the Social Emotional Learning trainer role and did a fantastic job in learning the ropes. With a strong dedication to children's social and emotional development, she co-lead numerous programmes and eventually took on the lead role in 2022.


Jovene is naturally wired to help others and constantly strive to be the best version of herself.


Formal Education and Certifications:

• BSc (Hons) in Business and Management

• Triple P - Positive Parenting Program Certification

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