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Reflections Cosmetology Pte Ltd
Reflections Cosmetology Pte Ltd

About the Company:

Reflections Cosmetology Pte Ltd is founded by husband and wife, Hans & Angel in 2000. We are a supplier of beauty products, makeup, health foods and equipment in Singapore. We created and own 5 Singapore brands – PRETTY EASY, DR. KEITH CHRYSLER, SKIN FACTOR, COLOR MINERALS & WONDER SYSTEMS.


Angel is professionally beauty trained in 1998 and started doing facials in her home balcony after graduating from a beauty school for friends and relatives. As the business grew, in 2001, we set up 2 beauty spas that operated for more than a decade before we focus our research & development on skincare and functional beverages. Angel is also a Diet Planning & Weight Loss Expert, and Health & Nutrition Life Coach.


Our main distribution channel is B2B, and since 2007, Pretty Easy functional beverages are mainly distributed to beauty spas and doctors. We care for our nation and want to serve our community better. To promote a healthy lifestyle and increase consumer awareness on diabetes, we decided to open a diabetic-friendly cafe as part of our Nutrition Outreach Program. In Sept 2018, Pretty Easy Cafe is opened, the first healthy cafe with over 40 items on the menu awarded the Healthier Choice Logo by the Health Promotion Board. When customers dine in, we will share with them what to eat, how to eat to strengthen their gut health. As such, consumers are introduced to better and healthier products that help beat diabetes and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


In order to spread the message to more people, together with our vast experience and understanding of customer needs, we launched our online store It is a holistic website with many useful information on how to successfully maintain better health, fitness and confidence with self-help videos, beauty tips, educational newsletters with exclusive discounts for members!


Reflections Cosmetology Pte Ltd










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Hans Kok
"Reflecting confidently and healthily from inner to outer self in everyday life."

About the


Hans Kok and Angel Lee, have been in the beauty and health industry for more than 20 years. Over the years, we have encountered many cases such as customers having weight management issues, which will lead to more serious problems like diabetes, high blood pressure and other chronic diseases. Therefore, we are concerned about the health of the nation, and the community. As such, we are dedicated to providing Nutrition Education to our communities. Empowering our customers to take charge of their lives and their health.


We believe in improving people’s health by introducing functional beverages into everyone’s daily life. We developed Nutri Cafe Fit Cappuccino, VG Power Fiber, Nutri Green Tea Gold TehTarik & Collagen Milkshake as a daily nutritious functional drink suitable for everyone including Type 2 diabetics improving many people’s health.


In order to reach more people and educate them with more information, we created a website for people to get health & nutrition information for free. The website not only gives useful information, health tips, users will be able to learn from the health advisors on weight management and how to reverse diabetes via online consultation.


We are committed to our community, hence, Pretty Easy Café, the first diabetic friendly café in the heart of Singapore in 2018 was opened. We partnered with National Kidney Foundation (NKF), as the sponsor partner because one of the main reasons for kidney failure is overweight, diabetes and high blood pressure. With good health & nutrition knowledge, we can contribute by helping more people to eat and live healthily, doing our part in creating a healthier Singapore and living.


We have helped many customers to better manage their weight, reverse diabetes and improve their quality of life. We strongly believe with our knowledge, we can help more people to lead a healthy lifestyle.

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