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Zuo Yue Food Pte Ltd
Zuo Yue Food Pte Ltd

About the Company:

Zuo Yue Food is the 1st confinement food service in Singapore to provide tingkat (subscriptions) for mummies after childbirth and ala-carte delivery for all ages. We bring you savoury taste of nutritious home-cooked taste meals which serve a traditional Malaysian blend of Hakka and Cantonese style. Suitable for recovery, recuperation and lactation, our menu consists of ingredients that are essential in maintaining a healthy diet too.


Positive post-partum mental health is vital for the mother to establish a healthy and close bonding with the baby. Research has shown that "Post-natal diet could have an effect on post-partum mental health. A balanced diet with an emphasis on vegetables, fish (or meat) and legumes during the first month could be a potential preventive measure against post-partum mental health disorders" (Teo, Chia, Colega, et al., 2018). Hence, it is crucial for mothers to have ample rest and consume nutritious confinement food during their postpartum period. It is also important to share Chinese traditional practices and Scientific research to the mothers and empower them to make a decision in their choice of menu.


With the mission to be the best confinement food provider in Singapore, Zuo Yue Food supports and empowers their customers in terms of food quality and positive mental well-being.


We make a difference by filling the gap of the confinement food industry in Singapore. We focus on high food quality and excellent customer service. Our confinement meals are designed with nutrition, postpartum and care in mind to keep our customers satisfied with our high standards. We have provided convenience for customers facing financial or familial difficulties in payment as well as free meals on a case by case basis. Understanding the uncertainty of pregnancies, we accommodate to our customers' needs and ensure quality service to ensure their needs are put first. We give back to society by sponsoring confinement meals to Safe Place, a non-profit organisation for women with unsupported pregnancies. We also collaborated with local small businesses to support them through tough, difficult times during the pandemic.

We are a Business For Good by:

- sponsoring confinement meals to Safe Place, a non-profit organisation for women with unsupported pregnancies.

- allowing mummies with financial difficulties to make payment by installments instead of full payment based on case by case.

- offering free ala-carte meals on an ad-hoc basis for customers who require social assistance or financial aid.

- putting customers' needs first and ensure quality customer service

- caring for our staff by having small treats and celebrating birthdays with them

- collaborating with small businesses during tough, difficult times


Zuo Yue Food Pte Ltd









183, Jalan Pelikat, #B1-116

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Pauline Lee
"Believe in the good works you are doing and that can change the world"

About the

The Director

Pauline understands the challenges of coping with the transitions after childbirth. As a mother of two, she has experienced difficulties in transition to motherhood during her postpartum. Fortunately, she enjoyed her confinement food the most and hence, making her confinement much more bearable. With this in mind, Pauline started Zuo Yue Food with the goal of bringing joy and comfort through nutritious confinement food with a tinge of home-cooked taste so that mummies can enjoy a positive post-natal period during the first month (and subsequent months) after childbirth.

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