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Steven Goh

About the Company:

Our project focuses on providing professional and compassionate support to various vulnerable groups within our community. We engage in a range of activities designed to enhance their quality of life and address their specific needs. Through decluttering, painting, and cleaning services, we aim to create a clean and organized living environment for physically and mentally challenged residents, promoting a sense of comfort and well-being.


In addition to physical assistance, we recognize the importance of social connections, particularly for elderly residents who lack immediate family. Our dedicated volunteers befriend these individuals through weekly visits and outings, fostering companionship and alleviating feelings of loneliness and isolation. These meaningful interactions contribute to their emotional well-being and overall happiness.


We also understand that maintaining a safe and functional home is essential for individuals with physical and mental challenges. To address this, we conduct monthly home maintenance and cleaning services tailored to their specific needs. By addressing repairs, conducting regular inspections, and ensuring cleanliness, we strive to provide a secure and comfortable living environment that supports their unique requirements.


Recognizing the impact of financial constraints on individuals and families, we offer free meals to those low income. By providing meals, we aim to alleviate the burden of food insecurity, ensuring that everyone has access to wholesome sustenance. We believe and are committed to making a positive impact on the lives of those facing financial hardship.


In our efforts to support physically and mentally challenged individuals and low-income families, we go beyond meals by providing free basic necessities and food rations on a monthly basis. Each package is thoughtfully curated to meet the specific needs of the recipient, ensuring that they receive essential items to enhance their quality of life. By tailoring these packages, we address the unique requirements of each individual, promoting their dignity and well-being.


Finally, we recognize the importance of honouring and respecting the final journey of individuals who lack immediate family or financial resources. Our organization provides compassionate support by arranging the necessary logistics and services to ensure a dignified farewell for these individuals.


Act of Kindness (AOK) is driven by a profound compassion to connect like-minded people within our community, empowering us to engage in profoundly meaningful activities and extend our support to vulnerable and underprivileged individuals and families. We firmly believe that true support goes beyond addressing physical needs. It encompasses nurturing emotional well-being and kindling a sense of hope and belonging. Through our heartfelt initiatives, we wholeheartedly endeavor to make a positive and transformative difference in the lives of those facing profound challenges.


With an unwavering dedication to creating lasting social impact and a burning desire to foster a more inclusive society, AOK remains steadfastly committed to serving the needs of vulnerable individuals and families. We understand the significance of our mission, and through tireless refinement of our efforts, forging meaningful collaborations with partners, and actively engaging our community, we aspire to effect profound and enduring change for those who need it most.


It was with deep empathy and concern that AOK first observed the plight of many individuals in our community who, due to physical or mental disabilities, found themselves living in environments characterized by clutter and poor sanitation—a far cry from the healthy and livable spaces they deserved. Recognizing the urgent need to restore dignity and comfort to their lives, we embarked on our journey—one home at a time. Each dwelling was treated with meticulous care, as our dedicated volunteers worked diligently to clear the clutter, clean the premises, and provide ongoing maintenance when required. Over time, our efforts attracted a community of committed individuals who shared our passion, resulting in a surge of requests from those in need. Today, we continue our vital work of serving individuals grappling with hoarding disorders and similar conditions within our community, striving to bring light and solace to their lives.


At AOK, our compassion fuels our every endeavor. We are unwavering in our belief that every individual, regardless of their circumstances, deserves the warmth of compassion and a helping hand. By channeling our collective empathy, expertise, and resources, we aspire to create an environment where no one is left to endure their struggles alone. Our hearts are dedicated to reaching out to those who are marginalized, and our actions are driven by a deep-rooted desire to alleviate their burdens and restore their hope.


Our Core Values:
- Compassionate
- Humanity
- Equity
- Unity
- Forgiving


Act Of Kindness Ltd





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52 Ubi Avenue 3 #05-27 Frontier (S) 408867

Steven Goh
"Behind every closed door, there’s a story to be told. And we hope to make those stories a lot brighter!"

About the

Founder / Director:

Steven was a salesperson during his career life. However, he decided to give up his mid-life full time career when he was in his highest peak of his career when he encountered an elderly who asked for his help to declutter her house. He brought his new friends over the next week to help and realized that there were many other seniors who were isolated and/or disabled who were living in cluttered and unhealthy conditions. From that day onwards, he used what he had learnt from his work experience to find out the needs and help the forgotten groups of low-income families / seniors who have no immediate family. Till date, together with his volunteer team, has supported more than 800 low-income families and physically and mentally challenged seniors on a long term basis and raised tens of thousands of dollars worth of groceries for them and other old aged, orphanage and nursing homes as well.


Steven started Helping Joy Ltd by scratch, a charity organization that provides services where more than 300 regular committed volunteers clean the homes of the physically disabled and also befriend seniors who have no immediate family. Steven and his team of volunteers started off by decluttering and cleaning houses. However, he realized that there were many unfulfilled needs of these isolated seniors with disabilities. He strongly believed that once he started to help someone in need, he does not stop halfway. ‘If our heart sincerely wants to help someone, we do it properly by finding out their needs and give based on what they need, not what we think they need’. A handicapped person will not be able to stand up again even though we’ve helped them once. We should continue to be by their side and help them till they pass on. ‘Help till the end of their life journey’. After decluttering the seniors’ houses, some whom have hoarding issues, he also provided these services after assessing their needs:

- The objective of decluttering, painting, and cleaning the homes of physically and mentally challenged residents aligns perfectly with the vision of providing a clean and comfortable home for every challenged individual in the community. This initiative directly contributes to improving their living conditions and overall well-being, ensuring they can live with joy and dignity.


-Conducting monthly home maintenance and cleaning for physically and mentally challenged residents further reinforces the mission of creating a clean and comfortable living environment for challenged individuals. By ensuring ongoing maintenance, the project contributes to the overall goal of improving the quality of charity work and enhancing the residents' quality of life.


-Befriending elderly residents who have no immediate family through weekly visits and outings resonates with the mission of bringing joy and dignity to the lives of Singapore's elderly. By providing companionship, support, and engaging in activities with these individuals, the partnership project helps alleviate loneliness and isolation, promoting emotional well-being and a sense of belonging.


-Providing free basic necessities and food rations to physically and mentally challenged individuals and low-income families aligns perfectly with the mission of bringing joy and dignity to their lives. By tailoring the bags of necessities and food rations to the specific needs of each recipient, the project ensures that their basic needs are met, and their dignity is preserved.


-The provision of free meals for low-income individuals and families directly addresses the mission of bringing joy and dignity to the lives of those in need. By addressing the immediate need for meals, the partnership project helps alleviate food insecurity and supports the overall well-being of low-income individuals and families.


-Finally, the provision of Final Journey Arrangement for the elderly without immediate family or low-income families aligns with the mission of bringing joy and dignity to the lives of Singapore's elderly. By assisting with funeral arrangements and related tasks, the partnership project ensures that these individuals receive a dignified farewell, reflecting the values of compassion and respect.


His team actively work towards improving the lives of the elderly, mentally and physically challenged individuals, and those in need, this project contributes to the broader goal of creating a more inclusive and compassionate society.

Through Helping Joy, he discovered that there are many people who need support and aid with services that they don’t have money to pay for, such as plumbing when their toilet bowl is choked, bed bugs' fumigation and handyman services fees. His hands were tied as the funds and donations were not enough for such services. This was what spurred him to start a non profit organization, Act Of Kindness ~ AOK, to address these needs. AOK aims at humanitarian work where we connect like minded people in our community such as companies, organizations and bosses and form a partnership. Together as a team, we support and aid the vulnerable and underprivileged individuals / families.


Partnership and Programs with companies and organization includes:


-Corporate Social Responsibility

-Art Of Giving Platform

-Kindness Academy

-Kindness Branding

Act Of Kindness
Act Of Kindness
Act Of Kindness
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