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Angela Sim

About the Company:

Affluence PR specialises in Public Relations (PR) for retail establishments, including restaurants and F&B outlets.


Affluence PR has promoted more than 500 local and Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) retail and food brands in Singapore and Southeast Asia over 15 years. 


Our awareness-generation methodology has been fine-tuned for more than a decade to cater specifically for SMEs.  As a PR firm based in Singapore, we are direct, budget aware, cost-conscious and very effective in generating extensive media coverage for local and regional brands.


Why focus on public relations for restaurants and retail?  And what does PR for restaurants, F&B and retail mean?


In a retail business, your customer engages with your brand through all 5 senses. From seeing an attractive display to stepping in and experiencing the textures of your outlet through hearing the music, smelling its scent and tasting its aroma, retail is able to provide a memorable full body experience if done right.


Our job is then to extend your brand’s sensory imagery to the media who will then share your story with their readers to help create a lasting positive brand impression for your brand.


Affluence PR staff are well-versed with retail and restaurant operations having had experience in this industry prior to doing public relations.  We understand operational and business constraints that allow us to cut through the clutter and be effective communicators for dining establishments, cafes, restaurants, retail outlets, retail stores and B2C brands.


Our PR services also extends to digital public relations, as we help clients maximise the media coverage they receive on social media and influencer channels through digital marketing for restaurants and retail brands.


Affluence Public Relations – your specialist public relations agency for retail and restaurants.


Affluence PR Pte Ltd





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9 Raffles Place #06-00 Republic Plaza 1 Singapore 048619

Angela Sim
Be responsible. If people can depend on you, they will eventually find you to lean on.

About the

Founder / Director:

Angela founded the ENCE Marketing Group in 2007 in Singapore and has since expanded its presence throughout Asia. The Group is made up of 4 agencies that specialise in public relations, digital and social media, event management, web development, and design.

She has been at the forefront of the world's digitalisation, assisting dozens of businesses in adapting to the new realities of marketing products and services in a world where face-to-face interactions are becoming increasingly rare.

Affluence PR
Affluence PR
Affluence PR
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