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Fabian Williams

About the Company:

FWCC was started in 2006 as a free training group for athletes. The main idea behind it was to help improve the standards to athletes in Singapore to compete in international stage, and also for kids to take an interest in track & field. Not many could afford the training and as a gesture of goodwill, Fabian William, decided to start off his coaching career by doing free coaching sessions. He did this out of passion and love for the sport, whilst still being a regular in the SAF, Singapore Commandos, Special Forces.


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Fabian Williams
"Your mind can withstand almost anything. It is your body that you need to train."

About the

Founder / Director:

Fabian was in the most elite military force in Singapore, The Special Forces. Through his career in the force, he learnt how much his mental strength could help him achieve in life. Using that, he won many races such as the Army Half Marathons, and following that, he even coached his Commando unit to win the title in the AHM as well. That was when he realised he had a passion for coaching. However, as he was still in the force, he had to complete his term before stepping out as a coach. He continued competing as an athlete and won the first ever Singapore SunDown ULTRA Marathon. He ran a total of 84km to win the race. Right after he finished serving the country, he came out and started coaching athletes. That was how FWCC was founded as well. Now, 16 years later, he is still one of the most renown coaches in Singapore, and also a a businessman who has ventured into multiple other businesses.


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