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Ianton Tan

About the Company:

MOWIN is a full-service marketing and technology consultancy that builds and executes growth strategies for multinational organisations. As a Web 3.0-first company, we combine emerging technology with decades-long expertise in marketing and MarTech products to deliver ROI and transformation for our clients.


MOWIN was founded in 2018 in Singapore with a traditional B2B marketing agency setup, but has since pivoted into industry-agnostic marketing and communications, cultural IP management and proprietary technology development. Our offices in Singapore, China, Indonesia and Malaysia serve the Asia hubs of global organisations, including companies listed in the Fortune 500.


Three mission statements guide work and everyday life at MOWIN:


1. Pushing innovative and sustainable ideas for businesses to incorporate for-good initiatives along their growth journey, especially opportunity creation for disadvantaged individuals and promoting social and cultural heritage.

  • In our day-to-day work in building and executing marketing strategies, MOWIN actively identifies areas where our clients and partners can incorporate for-good initiatives to deliver value not just for their customers, but also the communities surrounding and outside of their work.


2. In our agency and consultancy work, helping the real people behind these businesses grow in their professional and personal lives.

  • Over the accumulated decades of work in marketing, MOWIN's employees have seen our clients and friends grow from marketing managers to directors; directors to executive leaders.


3. Fostering an environment where our people, who are at the heart of what MOWIN does, can work toward achieving their professional and personal goals.

  • MOWIN works closely with its employees to plan career trajectories; align with leadership and team members will be given autonomy and ownership to drive projects independently.


MoWin Digital Holdings Pte. Ltd.





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Ianton Tan
"All businesses have the potential and capacity to do good in their pursuit of success."

About the

Founder / Director:

Throughout his career, Ianton has worked with people and business across the globe to drive impact-driven initiatives.


In 2020, using MOWIN’s proprietary conversational AI technology, Ianton led the production and delivery of a voice-controlled elevator working prototype, aiming to uncover ways to reinforce safe-distancing measures during the period of COVID-19, for Hitachi’s elevator product category.


In the same year, in partnership with a community of Indo-Chinese friends based in Singapore and Indonesia, Ianton helped procure USD$6 million worth of supplies and equipment for Indonesian charities and hospitals.


MOWIN remains a partner of non-profit organisation Be.artsy, committed to creating and executing impact-driven programs for the benefit of disadvantaged communities. To help raise funds to support education and entrepreneurship for women in Nepal who still, to date, suffer from the inhumane culture of menstrual exile, MOWIN has provided consultancy and resources to support the initiative in website development, copywriting and social media management.


In 2022, as part of the organising committee for The Doraemon Exhibition Singapore, Ianton led a partnership with the Association of Employment Agencies (AEAS) to organise free tours to the exhibition for female domestic workers based in Singapore.


Most recently, MOWIN has been appointed marketing partner for Battlebox Singapore. Ianton leads marketing and sponsorship initiatives for the historical site, putting together innovative, experimental, and experiential initiatives to educate both Singaporeans and tourists about Singapore’s cultural heritage, and preserve the historically significant and rare space. Another partnership with AEAS has been organised to provide female domestic workers with free tickets to Battlebox Singapore’s first immersive theatre experience in its newly reopened space.

MoWin Digital
MoWin Digital
MoWin Digital
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