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Anwar Rafique & Gangesh Kumar Jha

About the Company:

MyCLNQ Health is a Singapore-based Health Tech company, focused on connected health also known as technology-enabled care (TEC). The company is successfully running a connected health ecosystem called “MyCLNQ” which is a one-stop solution for all family healthcare needs. The AI-enabled mobile app focuses on telemedicine, mHealth, eHealth services. The company believes in providing affordable healthcare and an age-friendly environment for patient care.


MyCLNQ’ with presence in 7 countries in ASEAN and focuses on Bringing ASEAN Healthcare at fingertips. At MyCLNQ, we aim to support the community with a digital health ecosystem. Forming strategic partnerships with various leading healthcare institutions in ASEAN countries, we are closing the gap in providing quality care through digital means. Through our unique MyCLNQ app, users can gain immediate access to a range of Primary Healthcare services at their fingertips, including consulting a doctor online.


1- Description of Product

Our continuous focus on patient centric model to enable an efficient and affordable digital healthcare. Therefore, #MyCLNQ a holistic digital health platform enabling family healthcare at fingertips.

· MyCLNQ Health suite has AI enabled Digital appointment booking to minimize the waiting time to consult a doctor and avoid unnecessary exposure in clinic.

· MyCLNQ provides patients with telemedicine (video consult) and House calls to reduce exposure in clinic. Patients can consult their preferred doctor remotely.

· MyCLNQ Non-emergency medical transport booking makes it hassle free and attractive standard pricing for users.

· MyCLNQ vital sign monitoring module bring remote chronic care management efficiently. Where patients’ convenience enhances, and cost reduced as well as provider gets more health data points to talk and analyse in terms of dosage adjustment.

Patients can upload their medical records and other test reports into their profile in the app which makes it easier for second opinion.

Our development team are continuous working on improving product as per our strategic product roadmap for next 2-3 years. Some of the features are enabling an end-to-end solution for provider/doctor, Enriching Home health & Remote vital sign monitoring module, democratization of Health records etc.

2- Uniqueness

-MyCLNQ aims to bring ASEAN healthcare at fingertips. It means anyone who travel around ASEAN and need primary care, just download MyCLNQ app and get local doctor’s or home country doctor’s at fingertips along with medicine delivery in hotel room.

-MyCLNQ is brought new and innovative product in ASIA “TOURIST+” which is a Tourist SIM along with healthcare benefits together with Telcom [Cellcard & VISA partnership Cambodia].

-MyCLNQ is a pioneer with unique strategy and penetration idea’s around “Tourist Health” which open many partnerships with Telcom & Travel industries around the ASEAN countries.

-MyCLNQ is the first platform has done deep integration with Human Capital Health benefits solution together with Payroll platform “JUSTLOGIN” in Singapore & Malaysia.

-MyCLNQ unique product part of Malaysia MADANI initiative together with CelcomDigi telco.

-MyCLNQ is a one stop digital healthcare platform from curative care to preventive care.

-MyCLNQ enables option of getting primary care/ doctor’s own preferred languages and gender.

-MyCLNQ available in 9 local ASEAN languages.

-MyCLNQ wide network of doctor’s and currently 7 countries doctors are available across ASEAN and many more coming in.

3- Quality & Recognition

MyCLNQ has been awarded and recognized by Private and Public/Govt body across ASEAN countries. Some of the key achievements are.

2021 – Top 10 HealthTech Solutions Provider in 2021, by Swift n Lift Media, Singapore

2021 – Best MedTech Solutions Provider-Singapore, GHP Private Healthcare Awards 2021

2021 – MyCLNQ got award Brands for Good in Technology segment [HealthTech]

2021 - Go Global Awards, ITC USA

2022 – Business Excellence, Top Business and Service Quality 2022/2023 Singapore

2023 – MyCLNQ got shortlisted in Malaysia MOH OHS (Online healthcare Service) RegLab sandbox.

2023 – MYCLNQ Sehat shortlisted one among 15 health innovators for regulatory sandbox

2023 - MyCLNQ Health awarded President commendation for fight against COVID-19, Singapore

2023 – MyCLNQ Health CEO awarded public service Medal for fight against COVID-19, Singapore



Cellcard & VISA partnership -

Himawari Hotel Cambodia -

Klook [SG, MY, ID] -


TTG Map Asia, SG -

CelcomDigi Launches Digital Healthcare Bundle To Empower MSMEs In The Healthcare Sector


MyCLNQ Health Pte Ltd





+65 8189 3129




Shaw Centre, 2 Scotts Road, #20-11/13, Singapore – 228208

Anwar Rafique & Gangesh Kumar Jha
"We make healthcare affordable and accessible using tech-enabled care."

About the

Founder / Director:

Mr. Anwar Rafique demonstrates an impressive background and domain expertise. He has 2 decades of diversified experience within banking and financial services. Anwar holds a master’s degree in business and accounting, spending his corporate life primarily in Singapore.

Anwar believe in giving back to the community and is a grassroots leader engaged in volunteer services. He is fascinated with all new technology like AR/VR, AI & Machine Learning and how this can be used to make more efficient and affordable digital healthcare service to the community. Before starting his entrepreneurial journey, Anwar was heading strategy & risk team with top tier bank in Singapore.


Mr. Gangesh Kumar Jha has a combined 20 years of experience in Supply Chain Technology, healthcare, and leadership. Dynamic, problem solver and team leader with expertise in developing partnerships internal & external. Mr Gangesh ensures that our business is well-coordinated and productive by managing its procedures and coaching its people. His core strength is to combine skills in Product Management and deploy design led digital and AI technologies aimed at addressing health system efficiency. He is an excellent leader who can discover the most efficient ways to run the business.



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