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Steven Yatomi-Clarke

About the Company:

Prescient Therapeutics (ASX: PTX) is a clinical stage oncology company developing personalised medicine approaches to fight cancers that have poorly met or unmet needs. Our technologies include targeted and cellular therapies.



PTX-100 is a first in class compound with the ability to block an important cancer growth enzyme known as GGT-1. It disrupts oncogenic Ras pathways by inhibiting the activation of Rho, Rac and Ral circuits in cancer cells, leading to apoptosis (death) of cancer cells. PTX- 100 is believed to be the only GGT-1 inhibitor in the world in clinical development.

PTX-100 demonstrated safety and encouraging early clinical activity in a Phase 1b study in T cell lymphomas, which is an orphan disease characterised by unmet patient need.
Early clinical data shows that PTX-100 has exceeded efficacy and safety that one might expect from existing therapies for this disease. The US FDA has granted PTX-100 Orphan Drug Designation for all T cell lymphomas. A Phase 2 trial is now planned in T cell lymphomas, which could be a potential registration study.


Cell Therapies

CellPryme-M: Prescient's novel, ready-for-the-clinic, CellPryme-M technology enhances adoptive cell therapy performance by shifting T and NK cells towards a more "youthful" cell, improving persistence, and increasing the ability to find and penetrate tumours. CellPryme-M is a 24-hour, non-disruptive process during cell manufacturing. Cell therapies that could benefit from additional productivity in manufacturing or increased potency and durability in-vivo, would be good candidates for CellPryme-M.

CellPryme-A: CellPryme-A is an adjuvant therapy designed to be administered to patients alongside cellular immunotherapy to help them overcome a suppressive tumour microenvironment. CellPryme-A significantly decreases suppressive regulatory T cells; increases expansion of CAR-T cells in vivo; increases tumour penetration of CAR-T cells. CellPryme-A improves tumour killing and host survival of CAR-T cell therapies, and these benefits are even greater when used in conjunction with CellPryme-M pre-treated CAR-T cells.

OmniCAR: is a universal immune receptor platform enabling controllable T-cell activity and multi- antigen targeting with a single cell product. OmniCAR’s modular CAR system decouples antigen recognition from the T-cell signalling domain. It is the first universal immune receptor allowing post- translational covalent loading of binders to T-cells. OmniCAR is based on technology licensed from Penn; the SpyTag/SpyCatcher binding system licensed from Oxford University; and other assets. OmniCAR is in pre-clinical development.

The targeting ligand can be administered separately to CAR-T cells, creating on-demand T-cell activity post infusion and enables the CAR-T to be directed to an array of different tumour antigens. OmniCAR provides a method for single-vector, single cell product targeting of multiple antigens simultaneous or sequentially, whilst allowing continual re-arming to generate, regulate and diversify a sustained T-cell response over time.


Prescient Therapeutics Limited


56006569106 (Australia)






Level 4, 100 Albert Road, South Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Steven Yatomi-Clarke
"We strive to create therapies for cancer patients that currently have no other options."

About the

Founder / Director:

Steven Yatomi-Clarke is the CEO & Managing Director of Prescient Therapeutics, a clinical stage company developing personalised therapies for oncology, including targeted and cell therapies.

At Prescient, Steven manages a team in Australia and the US and has been instrumental in strategy development; licensing; initiating and managing clinical trials; fundraising and business development.

Previously, Steven had a distinguished career as an investment banker specialising in the life sciences sector, where he was consistently one of the country’s most prolific bankers, involved in primary and secondary offerings, corporate advisory and M&A assignments. In particular, Steven leveraged his combined backgrounds in science and finance to identify undervalued and unlikely opportunities and structure deals for the mutual benefit of companies and investors.

Steven holds a Bachelor of Science with an Honours Degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, and a Bachelor Commerce majoring in Economics, both from the University of Melbourne. He has been a collaborator on various immunotherapy research projects.

Prescient Therapeutics
Prescient Therapeutics
Prescient Therapeutics
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