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Veronica Tan

About the Company:

Profile of Rev22 Pte Ltd

Brainchild of Veronica Tan, Rev22 started a range of therapeutic products named Energia with tagline – “energy flow, good blood flow”.

Over the last 13 years, we have regionally helped many suffering from sleeping disorders, immunity disorders, pains and low energy. Our therapeutic products and programs have received great testimonials, until some customers even joined as our ambassadors or staff.

Rev 22’s Vision is River of Life, Fullness of Life.

Our Mission is to educate on harmonisation approach:

• Towards non-invasive and natural healing at root cause,

• Pain free therapy

• Using scientifically proven Revolutionary Technologies, and

• Working closely with Dr Michael Tan, Energia Adviser and Researcher to constantly improve on the technology

Our core cultural values are faith, gratitude, giving, and education. Rev22’s ultimate goal is to build a world full of healthy and wealthy people.

Energia brand promise is “Sleep Well, Wake up Recharged and Free from Pain!” To deliver the promise, our Holistic Wellness approach addresses key areas via these respective technologies:

A) Diagnostics technology using

- AcuGraph Energy Analysis (software from USA) as our main scientific measurement tool on bio-energy level check of 12 vital organs (Meridian Points).

- Quantum Resonance Magnetic Scanning to understand the functionality of the major organs such as the brain, heart, lungs, gastric, liver, colon, bones, the absorption of nutrients, vitamins and anti-oxidant, the presence of heavy metal, hormonal balance, etc.


B) After analysis, we Personalised Therapy Programs with Korean, Russian and German technologies that include Body Recharge, Power Detox, Eye Recharge, Miracle Energy of Life therapy, Miracle Oil of Life aromatherapy and drink premium water from Miracle Water of Life water filtration system.


C) Liver detox therapy, a highly effective 2 days programme to clear liver and gall bladder congestion. The 2 day programme uses food products like oxygenated magnesium to help dilate the hepatic ducts, and lemon infused olive oil to push the stones out from the liver.


D) Colon detox to clear the coating inside the lining of the colon using high quality fibre that acts like a brush to clean up the crevices and premium probiotic to replenish healthy bacteria.


E) For Wellness Maintenance, Premium-Grade Water Filtration System using proprietary Wave Modulation Technology and recreating Hado Crystal structure. Our Home Care series utilises Energy Beads and Fibre, emitting far-infra-red rays for therapeutic “acupuncture” effects to improve your blood circulation and energy flow while sleeping. We have a range of Energia products from complete sleep system comprises of mattress pad, comforter and pillow, 360 degree energy therapy where clients are cocoon inside energy like back to mother's womb to corset, eye mask, socks, gloves, neck support or knee braces.

F) To protect us from Geopathic stress bombarded by magnetic fields and harmful radiation, our Holographic solutions range from wearables (Harmonising pendant or bracelet) to Home Harmoniser rods to modulate erratic waves or vibration to bring about harmony to your body and home or workspace environment.

COVID was our turning point - After being approved as an essential service provider, business picked up as more and more were facing health challenges being home bound. In the new norm, clients welcomed our Contact-less concept. Our Centre continues to use high-tech equipment that offers high-quality services, minus the risks of human contact.

Business Model Transformation - After COVID, we could not conduct our regular lunchtime workshops in Corporate offices. We quickly turned to Webinar and invested heavily in digital marketing using social media. As a result, our sales have more than tripled ever since we pivoted, only within a few months after COVID started.

Moving forward - To continuously lead in the wellness industry, Rev22 will rewrite new chapters in the BioEnergy Wellness niche from May 2021! We will be offering a few revolutionary World’s first! These are grouped in 3 major categories:

1) Body Wellness

a) Miracle Energy of Life: 7-in 1 Portable Bio-energy Recharge Therapy with Wave Modulation Technology to centre the body energy at the diaphragm and keep the cellular energy of 12 meridian major organs at optimal level. This bio energy level is verified using Acugraph energy analysis. We encourage our clients to visit Energia for quarterly Acugraph energy analysis for comparison.

b) Miracle Water of Life: “8-in-1 state-of-the-art Water Filtration System” with Hado Water Crystal (as nature intended) enhanced with Wave Modulation Technology

c) Miracle Oils of Life: Intelligent Blend of Essential Oils with information coded using Wave Modultaion Technology that can resonate according to individual’s body needs. Everyday, you will experience different smell according to your body’s natural vibration or frequency.

2) Outdoor Protection (Miracle Technology of Life)

a) Harmonising Pendants using Wave Modulation Technology that modulate our bodies from the harmful effect of EMF

3) Indoor Protection

Miracle Environmental of Life: Harmonising Rods using Wave Modulation Technology that modulate our home or work environment from harmful erratic vibration caused by Geopathic Stress. This Geopathic Stress at home or workplace grid can be measured using Lecher Antenna. The Lecher Antenna is also able to measure the amplitude of Geopathic Stress, equivalent to toxic harmful level that can negatively affect the health, wealth and relationship at home or at workplace.



Rev 22 Pte Ltd









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Veronica Tan
"In order for us to keep our body healthy, we must imagine that our body is like a healthy pot of soil and the blood that is flowing in our bloodstream must be healthy water just like the water in the aquarium."

About the

Founder / Director:

Veronica Tan, the managing director of Award Winning Brand “Rev22”, reveals the secret to recovering from sleeping disorders, chronic pain, unexplained fatigue, or any autoimmune diseases through Energia products.

Veronica Tan, the founder of Rev 22, was a nurse with the Salvation Army for 14 years. She was then diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder known as Graves’ disease and was placed on medication for over 10 years. Whenever she went off medication, she would feel lethargic and experience insomnia.

In 2010, Veronica met the inventor of a sleeping system that improved her health and for the first time, she saw her blood cells under the microscope. It took her nine months to improve the quality of her blood cells and today, she does not require any medication and she has not experienced any relapse since.

After eight years of thorough research on energy medicine, she wrote her books, “The Healing Power of Your Body” and “Natural and Effective Remedies for a Good Night's Sleep”. In these books, she summarized her research and formulated methods to heal the body naturally.



Rev 22
Rev 22
Rev 22
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