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Zhou Chuan Yu

About the Company:

Sheng Peptide Biotechnology (S) Pte Ltd was established in 2020.

It is the regional marketing arm of the Head Quarter in Dalian. Sheng Peptide specializes in marketing of SMT 100% nano-scale small molecule active peptide.


The manufacturing plant was set up in 2006 in Dalian municipality, Liaoning Province, PRC.


They developed a state-of-art product;-Micro-Molecule Active Peptide by using nano-technology in 2018.

The R&D team took 12 years to develop the product and awarded a 20 years IP right.

Commercialization started in 2019.


Since then, the product has been selling in China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. We are also exploring new markets such as Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Taiwan and beyond. We are in the midst of developing peptide related beauty products.


In June 2023, the company co-organized a health seminar with Singapore Press Holdings. The event was well attended by more than 250 participants.


To further enhance the company’s image, she invited the former actor & artist; Edmund Chen to join her team in July 2023.

Besides business activities, company is also actively involved in community services.


In July 2023, the company sponsored an event - Reverberance: Reflections of the Century Brilliance to commemorate Mr. Lee Kuan Yew 100 years anniversary. The objective was to support our local multi-cultural youth wind-percussion ensemble group!


In August 2023, the company was a Diamond Sponsor at the Enterprise Singapore Society 5th anniversary dinner celebration in conjunction of the Community Chest event.


Sheng Peptide Biotechnology (S) Pte Ltd









#02-146/147 IMM Building, 2 Jurong East Street

Zhou Chuan Yu
Your Well-being is our concern

About the

Founder / Director:

Ms. Zhou Chuan Yu, a native of Weihai municipality, Shandong Province, is a CEO of Sheng Peptide Biotechnology (S) Pte Ltd since its inception in 2020.


Ms Zhou graduated from Qingdao University in 2002.

With a passion in the health care sector, she spent more than 20 years heavily involved in the medical field.


With the help of a team of medical professors from the Dalian Industrial University, Ms Zhou and her husband sphere headed a project to conduct a R&D in biotechnology field at their Dalian plant since 2006.


After a 12 years of effort and headwork, they have finally developed a state-of-art product;- Micro Molecule Active Peptide by using nano-technology in 2018. The product has been awarded a 20 years IP right in China.


Ms Zhou is currently continuing her commitment in R&D together a team of professors from the Changchun Chinese Medicine University to further enhance and strengthening the product quality to meet the international standard.


Ms. Zhou’s Personal Goal:

Stay passionate in innovation and being inspired by prosperity.


Her Professional Goal:

To make known the SMT 100% Nanoscale Active Peptides to a wider market spectrum, where more people can enjoy better quality of life.

The medical field is where she earnestly hopes to set foot on, especially in the area of Dementia and Pakinson’s disease, by offering hope and tangible aid to those affected and creating a harmonious environment.

Sheng Peptide
Sheng Peptide
Sheng Peptide
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