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Benjamin Chua

About the Company:

Founded in 2017 by Benjamin Chua, Speco is a leader in the eco-friendly hygiene industry, originating from its roots as Spic & Span to a beacon of sustainability and technological innovation. Speco is recognized for developing revolutionary solutions that integrate environmental responsibility with cutting-edge technology.


The dedication to sustainability is demonstrated through groundbreaking initiatives such as the self-cleaning coating, which significantly reduces the need for labor and harsh chemicals while combating antibiotic-resistant bacteria. This innovation ensures safer, cleaner spaces and contributes to environmental preservation.


Speco operates across three core business units—Advanced Manufacturing, Probiotics Cleaning Solutions, and Multifunctional Coatings—catering to a broad spectrum of needs. These range from Singapore Green Building Council-certified acoustic panels to Swiss-engineered sleep-aid technology, all designed to meet the highest ecological and hygienic standards while addressing modern challenges like pest control and pathogen reduction.


Recipient of the B Corp Certification and the Impact Enterprise Excellence Award, Speco is committed to more than business success; it is a force for positive impact on the planet and communities. Through partnerships with organizations like APSN, Speco fosters inclusivity and societal well-being, ensuring that its growth enhances the lives of those around it.

Continuously innovating and leading in eco-friendly hygiene, Speco is dedicated to advancing global environmental conservation and setting new industry standards.


Speco Singapore Pte Ltd





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Benjamin Chua
"Spic & Span everything in your way"

About the

Founder / Director:

Benjamin Chua, as the Founder and CEO of Speco, has established the company as a frontrunner in the Biotechnology industry.


Speco's breakthrough in developing an antimicrobial coating that was widely used during COVID is a testament to its innovative prowess. This innovation is a part of a series of new technologies that Speco has introduced, all playing a significant role in providing protection against viruses, bacteria, and other invisible dangers.


Benjamin believes that a business can do well by doing good and he has proven that with Speco which was incepted as an innovation-driven social enterprise to help disadvantaged Singaporeans such as single parents, disabled people and ex-offenders, helping more than 300 individuals across 90 social service agencies.


Under his leadership, Speco has expanded into the region including Malaysia, Thailand and Phillipines. Speco has also won numerous awards including the IPOS IP Award 2020, President's Volunteer and Philanthropy Award 2021 and ASEAN Business Awards Healthcare Innovation 2023.


A firm believer in developing passions outside of work, Benjamin is actively involved in grassroots activities. He had served on the People’s Association Central Youth Council. At present, Benjamin is a Mediator under the Ministry of Law. He is also concurrently serving in the Singapore Business Federation, the apex business chamber of Singapore.


He has been awarded The prestigious Medal of Commendation at 2023 May Day awards and is part of Tatler's Leaders of Tomorrow. Academically, he is an alumni of Nanyang Technological University and Harvard University.

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