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Sogurt Pte Ltd
Sogurt Pte Ltd
Sogurt Pte Ltd

Sogurt Pte Ltd


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Founded since March 2010 on a cosy stretch nestled along Bukit Timah Road, Sogurt was the pioneer in introducing to Singapore a fully self-served frozen yogurt café.

Their fun and fresh DIY bar encouraged the community to explore endless possibilities of innovative flavours and toppings; creating the most photo-worthy, groundbreaking, outrageous and quirky mixes!

It has established itself as a household name in the local froyo scene with its growing regular customer base, along with the development of a healthy and innovative new product line- Probiotic Froyo Ice-Cream.


Sogurt Pte Ltd





9796 4206




474A Holland Road,
Singapore 275795

The Founder - Lee Li Ping

Lee Li Ping

The Founder

Sogurt Pte Ltd

Communities flourish when inclusive environments and safe spaces are created for people to be truly heard, seen and understood. 

Fostering a harmonious and cohesive workplace culture enables diversity, fuels innovation and moves us forward. I believe society can be made better through this.

Sogurt Pte Ltd

The Founder

Sogurt Pte Ltd

As part of an Entrepreneurship module in the University of Southern California, Liping developed a business plan for her senior year project. Just 3 months after graduation, she founded Sogurt, the very first fully self-served frozen yogurt concept in Singapore.

Over a span of 9 years, she has created multiple brands across the F&B and service industry, and has since launched and operated her concepts across more than 15 retail spaces.

Encountering major business challenges in 2016, Liping led the business through a restructuring exercise and reinvention initiative which birthed a new concept KARA Cafe and Dessert Bar in 2017.

She expanded distribution channels with the development of a new healthy product line, “Sogurt Spoonful”, the first locally-produced frozen yogurt ice cream with prebiotics and live cultures.

She is also a social media marketing pioneer in Singapore, and has connected with hundreds of millennial female employees under her management.

She seeks to establish a strong culture of empathy, authenticity, vulnerability and unity in diversity for the “Sogirl” community.”

Liping strongly believes in the importance of building healthy families, and adopts a collaborative, multi-generational approach to transforming culture.

She works and engages actively with her parents to enhance her understanding of the mindsets of the older generation, and hopes to be a bridge-builder between the young and old.

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