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Amici Events & Catering Pte Ltd
Amici Events & Catering Pte Ltd
Amici Events & Catering Pte Ltd

Amici Events & Catering Pte Ltd


Managing Environmental Impact

Amici Events and Catering (AMICI) is a boutique caterer who takes on events with a passionate heart, a spirit of excellence and a touch of exclusivity.

AMICI’s menus are crafted in-house to reflect the elegance and diversity of Eastern and Western cuisines. When it comes to events and catering, from bespoke menus to beautiful decorations, AMICI is the ultimate caterer offering personally-tailored services to fulfil your dream event.

“AMICI” means “friends” in Italian. Not only does this serve as a daily reminder to the company to see customers as friends, providing them outstanding food and service, it also guides the company in its internal culture, shaping and molding a fun-filled, friendly working environment.

Today’s success did not come easy. AMICI stumbled in its early days; they had a slow start during the initial business stage. It took time to gain brand recognition and. Besides that, trying to rope in the right suppliers and building up manpower proved challenging. With costs of rental higher in those days, survival was made even more difficult. Yet, all these did not dampen AMICI’s enthusiasm. With unwavering perseverance, AMICI strived on.

Through prudent financial planning including budgetary allocations for staff, AMICI was able to strengthen its cash flow and reserve. This helped build a strong financial foundation, empowering AMICI for further growth. AMICI eventually overcame their initial challenges, acquiring significant prominence in the food and beverage industry.

Not one to rest on their laurels, AMICI continued to find new ways to better meet the growing and varying needs of customers, paying attention to details that matter, setting themselves apart from competitors. Today, AMICI is considered one of the gurus in the industry.

AMICI takes pride in their team of experienced staff – a key factor that differentiates them from competitors. AMICI also enjoys steady support from its sales team, comprising mainly event management veterans blessed with an eye for detail. They also possess high emotional quotient that enables them to handle inevitable situations perfectly, ensuring smooth operations at all times.

Despite all this successes, AMICI sees every positive feedback from clients as their proudest achievements till date. Clients’ compliments effect in word of mouth recommendations that usher in new business opportunities, while concurrently reinforcing brand loyalty. 

Over the next few years, AMICI plans to bring its award winning menu and dedicated service to the Southeast Asian region. First up is the setup of a new factory in Malaysia to enable catering to local Malaysians. With a proven business recipe comprising a passionate heart, a spirit of excellence and a touch of exclusivity, AMICI is all raring to go forth and bring delight to customers beyond the shores of Singapore.


Amici Events & Catering Pte Ltd





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8A Admiralty Street
Singapore 757437

The Founder - Willie Tan

Willie Tan

The Founder

Amici Events & Catering Pte Ltd

To be the best Boutique Caterer with a passionate heart and a spirit of excellence, creating bespoke experience with sustainable sourced

Amici Events & Catering Pte Ltd

The Founder

Amici Events & Catering Pte Ltd

Willie is chief and the man behind Amici, which means “friends” in Italian. So named because he believes great company and great food together are synonymous with a great time. Which is probably why we have been awarded the Best Caterer by Singapore Tatler. 

Amici established in 2000 by Mr Willie Tan whose professional background was in accounting, it was all about dollars and cents during the incipient stage. Business dollars soon transformed into zealous passion in the midst of his pursue of creating amazing gastronomic experiences for his customers.

Willie is passionate to have well communication with his team to ensure consistently high service quality, vision and mission are achieved. The team constantly seek ways to better themselves, and as one of the mission is reducing business’s negative environmental impacts.

He has become involved in the mission of accelerating the movement towards more environmentally friendly and energy efficient, by implement a few eco-positive changes, like use of sustainable serving ware, reduce food waste, separate recyclable materials, choice of energy efficient equipment & supplies.

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