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Automation for Humanity (

Automation for Humanity Ltd (Sit n Shower)
Automation for Humanity Ltd (Sit n Shower)
Automation for Humanity Ltd (Sit n Shower)

Automation for Humanity Ltd (Sit n Shower)


Improving Lives

At Automation for Humanity, our mission, is to enable Aged Care to be provided at a fraction of current costs and manpower.

We do this through designing and selling low-cost Automated Caregiving Devices – to handle the most strenuous caregiving tasks & ADLs: bathing, patient transfer and toileting.  These tasks are injury-inducing and often require multiple caregivers to provide.


Our first product, Sit & Shower, is an automatic bathing device that significantly enhances an individuals ability to bathe alone.


Bathing is a sentinel event in the disabling process – and the loss of bathing autonomy is associated with a 5X increase in other disabilities!It is also heavily associated with quality of life and independence whereas bathing interventions have been linked with decreased hours of care.


We are currently also in the process of developing devices to automatically move a patient from a bed to a wheelchair – without physical assistance – and a self-driving wheelchair to bring them around the house. Feasibility prototypes of these two devices have been demonstrated, and final products will be available in ~2 years


Automation for Humanity Ltd (Sit n Shower)





(+852) 2638 8819




Unit 3E,
Mai Luen Industrial Building, 
23-31 Kung Yip Street, Kwai Chung, 
Hong Kong

The Founder - Samuel Hui

Samuel Hui

The Founder

Automation for Humanity Ltd (Sit n Shower)

Many of us fear losing our independence and becoming a burden on others.  We want to help seniors maintain or even regain their freedom and dignity – and we have started with the private task of bathing.

Automation for Humanity Ltd (Sit n Shower)

The Founder

Automation for Humanity Ltd (Sit n Shower)

Dr. Neville Ka Shek Lee (PhD MIT) is the Chairman and Chief Technical Officer of Automation for Humanity.He is an Associate Professor Emeritus from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and prior to that led many large research projects (80+ engineers) in the Hi-tech industry.He has more than 40+ U.S. patents and 60 publications.


Samuel Sing-kwong Hui is the CEO of Automation for Humanity (AFH) and is the 2018 recipient of the Spirit of Hong Kong Award (Innovating for Good).Prior to AFH, Samuel worked with Dr. Lee on developing a revolutionary air cooled footwear technology and also managed the market entry & fastest growing market for a USD billion dollar energy company

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