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Castles Can Fly

Castles Can Fly
Castles Can Fly
Castles Can Fly

Castles Can Fly


Social Giving & Engagement

In 1993, the founder, Alvin Lee, aged 35 years old, invented and patented a sandcastle building system, together with his son, niece, & 3 nephews. In 1995, he proceed to Chicago, USA, after failing to get any interest in Singapore to make a business out of it.

After finding a US company to partner that invested USD $1.5 million into licensing his patent, Alvin stayed in New York area to make the commercial product, Beachworks. The product went on to win the Toy Product of the Year in Oppenheim Toy Portfolio in 1997, @NewYorkToy fair.

In 2003, Singapore government agency, MCYC, invited Alvin Lee to start a social entreprise, Castle Beach. He build a 2 storeys tall BCA~approved real castle sitting on the beach in East Coast Park, Singapore. Every sat & Sunday, groups of volunteers, 3:30 to 7pm.

In 2003, Beautiful Minds, provides products & services in Corporate Training focused on Outdoor experiential education, indoor facilitation & creativity programs for corporate staff.

Castles Can Fly, the book was written to describe the innovation journey & the elements of creativity.

The mother company, Castles Can Fly, have 2 arms.

The right arm is Beautiful minds, a for~profit corporate development company,

The left hand is Castle Beach, a social enterprise to promote families, with children & special needs community.

Castles Can Fly is licensed to 2 licensee in Hong Kong, Mauritius, Penang, & Brunei


Castles Can Fly





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49 Lorong Marican
Singapore 417229

The Founder - Alvin Lee

Alvin Lee

The Founder

Castles Can Fly

We build communities from the ground up

Castles Can Fly

The Founder

Castles Can Fly

Singapore Polytechnic graduate in 1978, Alvin started his profession as SAF Air Defence Officer, trained 6 months in Sweden.

In 1985-1988, aged 27 years, as a mature student in University of Newcastle, Australia, he graduated as Industrial Engineering., major in Operation Research.

What was deeply ingrained during those 3 years, is the compulsory subject Philosophy, Eg how the engineer must hold responsibility with their technology and invention, Eg pollution, waste. Harmful outcome etc., & not to say "the bad effects from these technology is not the responsibilities of the inventor & technologies"

1991–1993, He got his MBA education through Brunel Henley college, through SIM, distance learning program.

1988–1993 Seagate Technologies, process engineer, Thomson Consumer electronics, short term stay in Brazil, Argentina for technology transfer, TV skd/ckd production

1993 1995 As General Manager of a Robert Bosch-licensed Jakarta, Indonesia Blaupunkt production, car hifi assembly.

1995-1998, as product development partner for Beachworks, a patented sandcastle building construction set. He wrote a book about this journey.

1998~2001, Colorado, USA as Ranoda, OEM specialist connectors, technology Specialists to serve US computers companies

Beijing, China, Pico Art, production Director, events & exhibition spaces

CEO, 3 Fusion's Kenrich E-commerce dot com company

Aged 45 years old, Experiencing failure Deeply in dot-com crash, almost bankrupted, after 12 years, jobless, he started Beautiful Minds & Castle Beach

In 2006, He experience his Ephiphany in learning from USA. Phoenix, Arizonia, association Experiential education. Fully enlightened, he went full on to create the learning experience program using his invention, BeachWorks.

He is also big fan, of Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist Yuval Harari, Homo Deus Buckminster Fuller.. Engineer, famous for Geodesic Dome. Reverend in engineering world Carl Jung, Sigmund Freud, pyschology

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