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Drum Prodigy Singapore

Drum Prodigy Singapore Pte Ltd
Drum Prodigy Singapore Pte Ltd
Drum Prodigy Singapore Pte Ltd

Drum Prodigy Singapore Pte Ltd


Diversity & Inclusion

DRUM PRODIGY SINGAPORE (DPSG) is a social enterprise music school with a mission to provide music enrichment programmes and wellness programmes for all abilities in a positive, non-competitive and empowering environment. 

DPSG is committed to providing an inclusive environment for persons with and without disabilities to flourish in the arts together, particularly music. We find that children and youth with diverse abilities learn better in a playful, happier and less demanding environment.

DPSG also empowers persons with disabilities in their careers through providing pre-employment training, on-job-training and inclusive hiring opportunities. The founders designed and developed "The Drum Prodigy Holistic Train-and-place Programme" for persons with disabilities to equip them with the relevant knowledge and range of skills required to work in a music school as school support assistants, classroom support and facility maintenance support. The programme is recognised and supported by SG Enable.

The Founders believe that the music industry can benefit with a diverse and inclusive workforce by providing persons with disabilities with alternative employment opportunities. 


Drum Prodigy Singapore Pte Ltd





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620 Hougang Avenue 8
Singapore 530620

The Founders - Sivaranjini & Shamroz

Sivaranjini & Shamroz

The Founders

Drum Prodigy Singapore Pte Ltd

Embracing Diversity & Enabling Holistic Growth Through Music

Drum Prodigy Singapore Pte Ltd

The Founders

Drum Prodigy Singapore Pte Ltd

DPSG is led by her Founders, husband and wife team - Mr Shamroz Khan and Ms Sivaranjini Das, who have both dedicated their lives to bringing rhythm and music to people from all walks of life.

Both founded the Drum Prodigy percussion programme for disabilities in 2007 and affectionately named the school after this programme.

Shamroz Khan, Director.

Shamroz started drumming at the age of 5 and has more than 25 years experience in Drums and Percussion for all music genres and 13 years of experience facilitating drum circles in the community as well as teaching music for persons with physical and intellectual disabilities.

Shamroz considers drumming to be the celebration of life and the solution to issues. He has an extensive background as a performing artiste, music producer-composer and multi-instrumentalist.

He is a trained REMO HealthRHYTHMS Adolescent Protocol facilitator and HealthRHYTHMS Group Empowerment Drumming facilitator and certified Drums Alive Ability Beats instructor.

He is certified by the Social Service Institute in “Working and Facilitating the Learning of Children with Special Needs in the Arts”.

"Our journey began in 2007. From providing music education to people with special needs to providing training and inclusive job opportunities today, Drum Prodigy Singapore has impacted the lives of many beneficiaries and their families. As a local brand, we are very proud to achieve this."

Sivaranjini Das, Director

Sivaranjini has 13 years of teaching experience working closely with special needs children and youth-at-risk. She uses drumming as a vehicle for empowerment and transformation. She provides individual and group percussion intervention to students with physical and intellectual disabilities such as Down Syndrome, ADHD, ASD, and children/youth-at-risk. She is a trained REMO HealthRHYTHMS Adolescent Protocol facilitator and HealthRHYTHMS Group Empowerment Drumming facilitator, and certified Drums Alive Ability Beats instructor.

She is a vocalist and performing artist. She has a Diploma in Learning Disorders Management & Child Psychology, BA degree in Journalism, Diploma in Mass Communication. She is a trained Yoga Instructor 300RYT. She is certified by the NTU-NIE Singapore in ‘Essentials of Teaching and Learning’.

"Our society has little opportunities for people with special needs at public spaces. Our vision is to create an arts school system that allows us to teach children with all abilities. At DPSG, more than an incubation centre for persons with special needs, we have developed a community that these children can belong and be part. As an education and recreation centre, we provide a safe learning space that allows social inclusivity for students with and without special needs through programmes that are catered to all abilities - individual training and group classes. At DPSG, parents do not face the struggle to have their children accepted in regular classes. We have competent teachers and resources for most disabilities and we are able to facilitate the inclusion of students with special needs with greater sensitivity and spontaneity in making judgements."

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