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EZPZ Pte Ltd
EZPZ Pte Ltd

EZPZ Pte Ltd


People Development

EZPZ was established in Singapore in the year 2016 with a subsidiary office located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Inspired by technology and the perpetual digitalised world, EZPZ was born out of a need to modernise a traditional trade and make our company more accessible. Although a newly established company, the team is made up of experienced individuals across generations and nationals who have years of experience in the hand tools distribution market.


With their digital platforms, EZPZ strives to connect deeply with business clients and customers - by providing personalised customer service, producing interesting and worthy information to share and inspire their projects, and educate them on products in a fun and simplified manner, so customers can make informed decisions.


In order to overcome the generational barriers in the workplace, EZPZ adopted multi-generational workforce management, performance management and well-being programmes. This resulted in job redesign, flexible work arrangements, multiple communication channels when addressing the employees and also created a space for knowledge sharing.


EZPZ Pte Ltd





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EZPZ Pte Ltd
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The Founder - Angelline Ong

Angelline Ong

The Founder

EZPZ Pte Ltd

Leaders are made, not born. Leadership effectiveness can be learned and improved through self-development and coaching.

EZPZ Pte Ltd

The Founder

EZPZ Pte Ltd

Ms. Angelline Ong is a dynamic Professional Coach who has created programmes to promote self-mastery and enhance employability skills.


Angelline runs other businesses that require her to lead people with different educational backgrounds, age groups and working styles. Since 2010, she has been coaching individuals in both personal and professional growth and was certified in Australia & Singapore as a qualified trainer. Recognised as an experienced coach for multigenerational organisations, Angelline is able to see from the point of view of both business owners as well as employees. This understanding of multigenerational working behaviors is necessary in order to be able to handle conflicts and create an efficient workplace. She believes that it is never too late to discover yourself and that each individual has an extraordinary untapped potential that he or she could possibly learn to access to accomplish more in the near future.

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