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Goshen Art Gallery

Goshen Art Gallery
Goshen Art Gallery
Goshen Art Gallery

Goshen Art Gallery


Diversity & Inclusion

ArtSE, a social enterprise of Goshen Art is deeply involved in the Fine Art and Craftmanship. With a family heritage of 30 years in the art industry and supporting artists in need, we are a trusted brand by the local and overseas customers.

We didn't start off as an art gallery; our family started off as bakers running a small but brisk business in Chip Bee Gardens 40+ years ago. We were giving out leftover bakes to the needy artists in the neighbourhood back then, then art materials and first few paintings from the local artists here. What started off as a passion and act of humanity has evolved into a business that spans for 30 years and counting. 

We are the first and probably the only gallery that gives a salary to the artists even before any works was sold back then.To date, we have impacted over 300+ artists locally and overseas - even covering the medical and funeral expenses for some. 

Goshen was started by Jack Yu, the youngest son of the Gallerists - Johnny and Grace Yu. Besides continuing the legacy of the art consultancy business and keeping in sustainable, he set his sight to further the social impact by providing training and opportunities, to artists-in-need. Hence ArtSE was birthed, and it remains the Education arm and a burgeoning Creative Community for Goshen that embodies the true spirit of Artisanal excellence and Craftsmanship with the right values.

With ArtSE, we also started the School of Values - with Art Therapy products and customized art curriculum-in-a-box for people with mobility issues or even overseas market. Our art and crafting workshops are also favoured by the Corporate clients.

ArtSE has also trained a group of disabled artisans who produces quality Corporate Gifts and Personalized art services and products.


Goshen Art Gallery









Duo Galleria
7 Fraser Street
#01-04 and #01-19

The Founders - Jack Yu & Faith Lum

Jack Yu & Faith Lum

The Founder

Goshen Art Gallery

Turning disabilities to better abilities, we feel blessed to use the knowledge in what we love, to sow in social impact. We too, grow and learn in the process beyond what thought we can't do.

Goshen Art Gallery

The Founder

Goshen Art Gallery

Our Founder, Mr Jack Yu holds a Master Degree of Science from NTU. A patient Father,a Curator, a Gallerist, a Docent, he is trained in art as a therapy for special needs and elderly. He is also one of the pioneering fellows for the Company for Good. 

Director Faith Lum-Yu helms ArtSE and is trained in Art as a Therapy for Special needs and Dyslexia . She is a mum to 2 special needs kids and she was using art as an occupational therapies with them. She is also a curator and a gallerist- leading curatorial talks to the public for an average of 12 exhibitions yearly.

She is the Head of Programme and have taught and written curriculum tailored to the visually-impaired using Braille painting and other disabilities such as hearing-impairment, autism and youths with mental conditions.

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