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iHear Center

iHear Center Pte Ltd
iHear Center Pte Ltd
iHear Center Pte Ltd

iHear Center Pte Ltd


Business Model

iHear is a one-stop hearing care centre that provides comprehensive care for people coping with hearing loss. We carry multiple leading hearing aid brands and provide unbiased, professional advice in selecting the hearing aid that works best for our patient. 

At iHear, it has always been our mission to provide the best patient journey to better hearing. We design a personalized care plan, using the patient-centred approach, provide support and counselling for each patient for maximum benefit and to ensure the best patient experience.

Our experience and patient satisfaction give us the confidence that we can match every patient to the right hearing instrument for improving their quality of life.


iHear Center Pte Ltd





6904 9555




103 Irrawaddy Road,
Royal Square Novena,
Singapore 329566

The Founder - Maggie Huang

Maggie Huang

The Founder

iHear Center Pte Ltd

Blindness separates us from things, but deafness separates us from people.

iHear Center Pte Ltd

The Founder

iHear Center Pte Ltd

Maggie is a certified senior Audiometrist and consultant with more than 10 years of clinical experience in the hearing healthcare industry. She has a keen interest in auditory assessment, hearing aid fitting and aural rehabilitation.

With her range of experiences, Maggie is versatile in treating patients from all ages and walks of life, and is passionate about sharing her love for hearing. Maggie also provides training and mentors Hearing Care Professionals to enhance their clinical skills.

Maggie strongly believes that better hearing gives a better quality of life, which is why she actively advocates the importance of hearing health.

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