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Sip A Coffee

PT. Wadah Geni Artamara
PT. Wadah Geni Artamara
PT. Wadah Geni Artamara

PT. Wadah Geni Artamara


People Development

Empowering Local Markets

SIP Strength In People - A concern about the growing unemployment and a simple desire to do something for the Indonesian youth, helped create a business model that is simple to operate, serves the people and has potential to grow in to a movement across the country and beyond is our dream. 

“Sip A Coffee” for us is not just a business, it is a passion to give international coffee experience to the youth at a price that is affordable, in an ambiance that is warm, relaxed and comfortable. 

We have in 18 months set up 4 cafés with the sole purpose of serving the people of Indonesia, with a clear objective of empowering the youth to set up their own cafés business under our guidance, thereby helping in creating entrepreneurs and more jobs opportunities.

It us our effort to create a partnership that is participative involving our guests and our café team to form communities that are self sustaining and remunerative. 

Our belief is bought alive in our café “Run by youth to serve the youth of Indonesia”.


PT. Wadah Geni Artamara





+62 216385 3388




Jl. Balikpapan Raya No 20A,
Petojo Utara, Gambir,
Jakarta Pusat 10130,

The Founder - Tanjung Sentosa

Tanjung Sentosa

The Founder

PT. Wadah Geni Artamara

Entrepreneurs are not born. He who seizes the opportunity, has the guts to take a risk, work hard to make their dream a reality, takes the leap ahead in life. We want to be the catalyst to help people grow in life and improve their quality of life...

PT. Wadah Geni Artamara

The Founder

PT. Wadah Geni Artamara

Tanjung Sentosa, Director Empowerment, has over 20 years of advertising experience in SEA markets like Singapore and Indonesia

Being an entrepreneur he understands the problems faced by a new start up and has experience to help being a mentor to give guidance to young entrepreneurs to succeed. 

He is very passionate about Indonesian culture and is involved in upliftment of the Indonesian youth and women by developing and executing successful projects like “Mutiara Bangsa” to empower Indonesian people. 

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