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Tea Ideas

Tea Ideas Pte Ltd
Tea Ideas Pte Ltd
Tea Ideas Pte Ltd

Tea Ideas Pte Ltd


Diversity & Inclusion

Business Model

Locally conceived and home brewed, Tea ideas Pte Ltd is a social enterprise that aims to uplift the social, mental & physical well-being for elderly & renal patients with our Tea.

We adopt flexible working arrangements and redesign our work processes to accommodate our beneficiaries needs. 

We also emphasize & advocate a healthy lifestyle by innovating how one drinks their tea and creating delicious tea-inspired desserts that are “diabetic-friendly” with reduced sugars. Focused on healthy gourmet tea, the firm wants to evangelize the benefits of drinking tea by applying innovation to the finest teas found.

To detractors who feel that drinking tea is troublesome because they have to contend with tea leaves or dispose of teabags, Tea ideas has the perfect answer – tea wands. The Patented Tea Wands, which resemble square sticks of candy, marry the convenience of a teabag with the functionality of a teaspoon.


They are also drip dry and so convenient, it’s a wonder no one has thought of this before!


Tea Ideas Pte Ltd





9155 6564




201 Henderson Road, 
Singapore 159545

(inside Tan Tock Seng Hospital - New Wing)

16 Jalan Tan Tock Seng
CHI Building #B1-K1
Singapore 308442

Operating hours: Mon to Fri
11am to 6pm

The Founder - Jacinta Ong

Jacinta Ong

The Founder

Tea Ideas Pte Ltd

"Whenever we see big corporations doing CSR, we asked ourselves why must it only be an annual or quarterly activity?

Why can't this be done daily?"

Tea Ideas Pte Ltd

The Founder

Tea Ideas Pte Ltd

Co-founded Tea ideas as a Social Enterprise since 2012.

Jacinta's vision is to empower every individual to live their lives healthily, with dignity. Despite having no prior knowledge about tea, Jacinta took the leap into the industry with this strong belief. This has proven to be her winning formula. 

In her own words: "We can try any new ideas with tea. One Tea, Many Possibilities!" That's how the name Tea ideas was conceived!

Your Health. Our Tea. Our Inspiration.

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