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Janice Karena Tan

Honouree - Leadership For Good - BFG2020

1 Care Employment

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1.Care Employment Agency is operated by a group of Singapore Registered nurses as a Social Enterprise organization to provide Elderly Care service. We provide well trained caregivers and basic to take care of clients’ homes whether is a stay in or stay out cases. Our focus group will be seniors who need medical and physical attention. With the support, the elderly is leading dignified lives within their comfort of their own house. 1.Care Employment Agency is also an approved Caregiver Training Provider by Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) in Singapore.


Our founder who is a registered nurse is selected to be accredited due to her team’s professional skills and also good track record of 2000 cases within 7 years as caregiver service agency. 1.Care Employment Agency also in the process to implement the Learning Management System (LMS) to provide better training to encourage more Foreign Domestic Workers to upgrade themselves. We provide overseas nursing training in Indonesia, Myanmar, Philippines (currently in progress), and looking forward to work with Cambodia (currently pending due to Covid-19).


Everyone wants to live to a ripe old age but living to a ripe old age may be a problem because of all the issues that come about with the process of ageing. We want to realize our Vision of creating “Quality Living For All Senior Citizens” in whichever country we choose to operate in. This extends beyond just providing quality eldercare and we will realize this Vision by focusing on:


  • Developing and delivering training modules that are able to transform ordinary maids into highly competent and knowledgeable caregivers.
  • Integrating the best practices from the nursing industry into every aspect of our daily operations to develop the best caregivers in the market.
  • Attracting, inspiring and training people and partners who are passionate about creating Quality Living For All Senior Citizens all over the world.


1 Care Provider Pte Ltd is a sister company of 1.Care Employmeny Agency. 1 Care Provider is a non-medical home care is essential for individuals recuperating from illness, post-operative surgery, or physically challenged adults. 1 Care Provider acknowledges the importance of in-home care service and customer is well supported with qualify healthcare assistance on:

  • Respite care – to look after dependent individual who seeking support on flexible short-term care
  • In-Home Daycare – to support the physically dependent who require rehabilitative care and companionship during the day
  • Home Service - to look after physically dependent who require light cleaning services, personal hygiene care, and the individual who require home nursing services





1 Care




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338 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1 #01-1643, Teck Ghee Court, Singapore 560338

Director - Janice Karena Tan


Greatest blessings is to make a difference in Someone's life.

Janice Karena Tan



1 Care


Ms Hong Geok Yang is a Senior Registered Nurse cum midwife who specializes in Gerontology and midwifery trained. She is the founder of 1.Care Employment Agency for 5 years together Ms Janice Tan. She was a Senior Staff Nurse specialized in Geriatric management, Dementia care and palliative care. Currently she is working as a community nurse in a charity organization known as Care for the Elderly Foundation of Singapore. She has experience in KKH as midwife and delivered thousands of babies and general ward in SGH doing nursing care. In total, she has 50 years of experiences in Nursing.



Ms Janice Tan is a Senior Registered Nurse who specializes in Gerontology and a Chemo therapist. She is the co-founder of 1.Care Employment Agency for 5 years together with Ms Hong . She was a Senior Staff Nurse specialized in Geriatric management, Dementia care and palliative care. She used to work for a charity organization known as Care for the Elderly Foundation of Singapore for 2 years running a Dementia project. She has experience in TTSH A&E for 5 years, Orthopedics department and in Medical ambulatory Centre doing chemotherapist, blood transfusion, assisting doctor for invasive procedures such as chest tube insertion, lumbar puncture, peritoneal drainage etc. In total, she has many years of experiences in Nursing.



Ms Alison Lau is state Registered Nurse by profession in 1985, spent 25 years in pharmaceutical sales and marketing but her passion for nursing brought her back in 2006 when her ex boss of Careprovider Pte Ltd, a nursing agency went into retirement. She took over the business and went on to establish 1 Care Provider Pte Ltd in 2017 with Janice when the shortage of trained nurses was and today is still an acute stage. The business model was based on the platform of recruiting and training of both local and foreign caregivers to fill the huge gap in caring for the sick, the elderly, the recuperating needy and the dying. She has always held great pride and pleasure in all that was done daily for all her patients, their families and contributing to support part of the healthcare system in a most cost effective manner, bringing meaning to the lives of those they touched.



Mr David Yeo is a Registered Nurse. In his early years he was working in the HDB as a administrative officer. At the age of 30 that is where he did a career switch to become a nurse. It was a total change from what he was previously doing in HDB. David love Nursing not as a career but a passion. Nursing is place where help is need and it was rewarding and very challenging in this field of work. Rewarding as in see them well recovered is very fulfilling. Started off working in ICU for first 5 years and late on transfer to A&E. Coming over to 1.CARE agency was a given opportunity to work together hand in hand. This is a place that he can channel experience and knowledge to foreign caregiver from other countries. To train and impart skill to them. Giving them the assurance and confident to care especially the elderly of ours society.






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