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Chan Chow Wah

Honouree - Leadership For Good - BFG2020

Animal Human Alliance

Business For Good



Animal Human Alliance LLP (AHA) is founded by animal rescuers.
The company has 2 brands Gold-D and AHA.


Gold-D offers pet food and products, many of which are developed from the experience gained from our rescue work.

AHA offers pet-safe home care products that are safe for both humans and animals.


Our background makes us unique in the pet food industry and we have exported our brands to Malaysia, Cambodia, Hong Kong, UK, and Greece. More countries are on the way.


In every market we are in, we support and work with local rescue groups and feeders. In Singapore, the business supports our rescue work. We do palliative care for cats, runs a FeLV sanctuary and rescue work.


It is a loop. The rescue work brings insights for new products and the business supports our rescue work.


Today, customers have high expectations of brands and there is a general shift from major brands to brands customers feel is passionate about animal welfare. We are well-positioned in this change as this is what our business is all about!


We look for like-minded partners to bring Gold-D and AHA brands to more countries.



Animal Human Alliance LLP




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Managing Partner - Chan Chow Wah


Animals are fellow beings to be respected, loved, and protected.

Chan Chow Wah


Managing Partner

Animal Human Alliance LLP

Managing Partner

Chan has a Masters Degree in Social Anthropology from the London School of Economics and is a Fellow of the Royal Anthropological Institute, UK. His interest in animal welfare started when he adopted 2 cats in early 2000. It began his journey in rescue work leading to the founding of the Gold-D and AHA brands.

With the business as a foundation, he explores various avenues to raise issues of animal welfare. For example with photo exhibitions, film production, talks, and even a fine fragrance for animal lovers, etc. His ethnographic films on animal welfare raise money and food for shelters and rescuers. The films have won awards in various international film festivals.


He has since set up a sanctuary for FeLV cats and also offers palliative care for animals in the last chapter of their lives.

The brand revolves around rescue work, founded by a rescuer, feature animals who were once abused, abandoned, or badly neglected.


Through this approach, the brand has attracted both pet owners, animal lovers, and rescue groups.
Chan sees the brand as an avenue to engage society and effect positive change for the benefit of humans and animals.



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