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For the love of Curiosity and Citizenry

Field Experience was borne out of a desire to share the love
of curiosity: exploring, experiencing, and learning
about what the world around us has to offer;
and of citizenry: using who we are
and what we have, to build up our world 
making it a better place.



We dream of a future ...

bustling with people who have the field-proven experience, upholding strong society-building values,

when people are inspired and committed as confident, responsible, and empathetic active global citizens.

when all citizens, use our talents to improve our community, our land we live in, and beyond our shores.



Field Experience equips leaders and organisation representatives to enable them to contribute to positive impact in a cause that’s congruent to their chosen UN Sustainable Development Goals. We specialise in facilitating and training for international collaboration. 

We train, facilitate, and leverage using effective experiential approaches to equip people – connecting their experiences in training to their already vibrant virtual ‘wiki-source’ knowledge. 

We focus on humility, reciprocity and strength-focused community development approaches.


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Field Experience Pte Ltd




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1 Bukit Batok Street 22, #08-04

Field Master - Theodore Teo

I need to leave the place better than I found it.



Theodore Teo

Field Master

Field Experience Pte Ltd

Field Master

  1. theodore devotes himself to equipping leaders who have given their time to lead their teams to serve local and overseas communities and discover themselves in the process. (He has been doing this since 2002 as a professional, then sector orchestrator, then as a volunteer, and back to being a professional again.)
  2. He focuses his passion and works on encouraging people to bring positive change to their sphere of influence. To discover and use the talents one has in every possible way – knowledge, skills, interests, hobbies – to pay it forward. He has had the opportunity to do this in his roles in all three sectors – People, Public, Private, over the last 23 years.
  3. If and when he’s not working, you’ll catch theodore cycling or motorbiking, jamming away on his blues harmonica, or chilling in the outdoors over a bush-cooked meal with his daughter and their feathered family members.
  4. He continues learning something new. Apart from learning new normal facilitation and team building online in his professional sphere, he has also taken up the bass guitar and surfing on land (surf skating).
  5. Curiosity is his drive for his motto for happiness: “How to be bored, lah?”


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