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Andrew Lee

Honouree - Leadership For Good - BFG2020

Seoul Garden Group

Business For Good



"INCLUSION is not about bringing people into what already exists;

It’s about creating a new and better place for everyone, so that we can all EMERGE STRONGER TOGETHER!”




the pioneers of Korean dining concepts in Singapore since 1983, embarked on a workplace inclusion journey 16 years ago, in 2005, with a VISION of becoming an all-inclusive employer.

The group, alongside with its transformative energies to stay agile, engages and embraces the demands and needs in the ever-arduous industry. Several upcoming projects are in the development pipeline. These include a smart central kitchen, and a learning academy with courses on employability coaching, Job Redesign, dedicated for the vulnerable communities such as PWDs and matured workers.

Technology enhancement will create new jobs, value add to existing jobs, increase productivity and accuracy, and replace job redundancy. This initiative is not only for the PWDs, but in reality, it’s applicable for the entire workplace inclusion strategies.



We believe in creating meaningful jobs with great sense of fulfilment by being responsible and inclusive to our people and our customers.



Workplace Inclusion is our CULTURE, it is our PROMISE.
Everyone at Seoul Garden Group, including PWDs (Persons with Disabilities) and mature workers, are given an equal opportunity for career progression, remuneration package and training and development.



· Enabling Mark (Platinum) 2021

· Enabling Employment Pledge 2020 - A President's Challenge Initiative

· Sustainable Employment Pledge (2019) – Achieving Purposeful Business Success Together

· Total Defence Awards 2019 – NS Advocate Award for Small & Medium Enterprises

· NSMark GOLD (2019) – A national-level accreditation scheme that recognises businesses and organisations with policies and human resource practices that support National Service and Total Defence

· Excellent Service Awards 2019 – 6 Star Awardees | 10 Gold Awardees | 10 Silver Awardees

· EXSA Advocacy Awards of 13 years (2006-2019)

· FLA Awards 2019: International Franchisor of the Year 2019 (Overall Winner)

· International Franchisor of the Year – 2015, 2016, 2017



Seoul Garden Group Pte Ltd





Year Founded




39A Jalan Pemimpin #03-00A Halcyon Building Singapore 577183

The CEO - Andrew Lee


"It is the family culture at Seoul Garden Group that brings forth strong bonds and relationships.
Family doesn’t judge. Family never forsakes. Family embraces all traits and everything."

Andrew Lee



Seoul Garden Group Pte Ltd


Andrew, CEO of Seoul Garden Group, is a firm believer that people are the key assets for success and building a team of staff with different talents and abilities is key to be able to bring the group to a greater platform. With that in mind, he spends time in developing a “R.A.C.E.R” culture in the company – Relationship, Agility, Champion, Empowerment, Resilience.


It was through building confidence and success over time, that we are able to be here today, to share our experience and enjoy the inclusivity journey as Seoul Garden Group family.

It is the family culture at Seoul Garden Group that brings forth strong bonds and relationships. It is very encouraging and heart-warming to be able to grow and learn together, with ups and downs, but nothing stands in our way when we are united.
Family doesn’t judge. Family never forsakes. Family embraces all traits and everything.

This is Seoul Garden Group – We are family, and we are always there for each other.





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