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Daniel Chui

Honouree - Leadership For Good - BFG2020

The Wellness Fellows

Leadership For Good



The Wellness Fellows Pte Ltd was set up in March 2020. Due to the Covid-19 situation there was a sudden shortage of masks in the global and local context.


We are a Made-In-Singapore surgical mask factory with monthly capacity of 10 million masks serving the community and we have been proudly manufacturing surgical masks for Singaporeans since July.


This Covid-19 situation has seen a handful of entrepreneurs starting up masks supply chain in Singapore - however we have always believed the Singapore Brand Mark will take us further to establish quality and credibility. To celebrate our 55 years of Nation Building, we present our Limited Edition SG55 Surgical Mask as our first product. This is to commemorate A Stronger Singapore, in celebration of our heroes, our steadfast spirit and resilience in all times. We express our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all Singaporeans in keeping us all safe and well.


Our English brand mark "The Mask Fellows" and Chinese name “温新” has been registered with IPOS. The Chinese name means Singapore, a country I warmly call Home.

Our Chinese tagline is 温新在口,幸福相守。This translates to "May blessings be with you, as you wear our made-in-Singapore mask".


Currently, we realised that close to 10 months have passed since Feb 2020, but Singaporeans are still not very well educated about the different standards of masks and what makes them differ in quality and price. Our next phase would be to go heavily into education by opening up our mask factory for educational tours for the schools and public so we can be well educated on the correct choice and wearing of masks.


Because we want to do everything right to ensure everyone who wears our masks are properly protected we have worked towards the following credentials: -


1. 'Made-in-Singapore' surgical mask and N95 masks Adult and child masks - blue, white, black, purple colours available.


2. We produced the highest-grade surgical mask that meets ASTM Level 3 and EN14683 Type IIR standard.


3. HSA license no: ES0501182 EN ISO 13485:2016 certified by SGS - license SGS20/8 1842088


4. We are honoured to have Dr Leong Hoe Nam as our Medical Advisor


5. ISO 7 Cleanroom - (probably Singapore most professional mask manufacturer and first to produce under ISO7 cleanroom condition, where the air is 100 time cleaner than regular air)


6. The Mask Fellows is the first corporate entity in the world to commit a portion of our sales proceeds to Extra•Ordinary People on a sustained basis to help empower individuals with special needs.

A discount to NGO, educators, students, healthcare personnel


7. Investment: >S$1.2 million; 8,500 sq ft factory space in Chai Chee


8. Total 6 lines - 4 surgical masks (3 adult and 1 child) + 2 N95 masks


9. Monthly production capacity - 10 million pieces of mask


10. A wall mural outside our factory wall (measures 3.2 m length x 2.8 m height) as our tribute to the global healthcare personnel and world leader. “Mask in Unity” – a tribute to global leaders and all heroes in various industries for doing an excellent job in fighting this pandemic together.


We believe that keeping individuals safe and well should be a sustainable effort and we look forward to supporting the community on a long term basis.



The Wellness Fellows Pte Ltd




6273 0380

Year Founded




514 Chai Chee Lane #02-15/16 Singapore 469029

Director - Daniel Chui


Sustainably is to have the agility of mindset and the ability of mobility to constantly be observant and change to adapt to new environment

Daniel Chui



The Wellness Fellows Pte Ltd


Mr Chui has been in the cruising and tourism industry for the past 25 years. He was set to launch a thematic cruise project this year, when Covid-19 struck and he was not able to operate any vessel. Badly hit and affected, he was also aware that his contemporaries in other countries were not spared the same fate - many international cruise brands were barred from operation and many crew were affected, not to say the entire cruise and travel industry.


Being familiar with shipping standards, he decided to set up a surgical mask factory called The Mask Fellows under the parent company The Wellness Fellows Pte Ltd with his brand director, Ms Jingle Chen, who has 15 years of brand building experience. They roped in another friend, Mr ST Chong, who also had a multitude of experience running a electronics factory to embark on this. Armed with no medical background, the trio was determined to step on a steep learning curve as everything was time sensitive. Coupled with the lockdown from April, renovation, logistics, import and renovation came to a standstill.


With many Medical Regulations and Directives around the world changing to respond to Covid-19, the team had to manage many complex paperwork to achieve the ISO 13485 certification by SGS, and also the HSA manufacturer's license to manufacture a medical device. They also invested in two ISO 7 Cleanrooms to ensure surgical masks were manufactured in a clean and hygienic environment.

For other traders and companies dealing with a mask that is not claimed as a medical device i.e NOT a surgical mask, their time to market was a shortcut. The Mask Fellows, was determined to hold true our mark of Quality - a Made-in-Singapore surgical mask that can stand international test standards which truly protect ourselves and loved ones.



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