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About the Company:


Biophilic do good in the community by working alongside community and corporations to supply and anticipate and respond to complex challenges, from food insecurity, urbanisation and climate change to ecosystem degradation and inequity.


We invest in the capacity and knowledge needed to design technological solutions to these challenges and make decisions informed by data, scientific evidence and local realities and pressures.


We push for best in-class practises in food biologics and climate-friendly agricultural inputs to reflect the interests of communities for sustainable living.


Biophilic also design nature spaces for our city dwellers to explore Green ways and connect sustainable development at the urban scale.


Biophilic Private Limited





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380 Jalan Besar ARC 380 #06-02 Singapore 209000

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"Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you."

About the

Managing Director - Wu Zhao De

Since 2010, I have been working with hundreds of land owners, community groups, scientists, investors, conservation organisations to identify and facilitate land revitalisation, crops protection and shaping future food programs. My ambition is to build a resilient food biologics system as food insecurity is a complex problem. In Singapore, with more than 90% of our food imported, we are vulnerable to disruptions to the global food system.We will have to manage our limited resources and sometimes make tough decisions to manage trade-offs.Through Biophilic, I want to introduce circular economy principles for us to benefit from a common ecosystem. I envisage many possibilities for Singapore to become a strong player in sustainable food solutions and I hope we can collectively dream of a future where Singapore can help feed the world.


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